Virtual reality appeals to many people in all fields. After establishing itself in many sectors, it launched an assault on amusement parks. Indeed, the first roller coaster in VR opens its doors in Canada! The round, here is its name, this park offers to board a Goliath equipped with a Samsung VR. Launched at more than 110 km/h, the fighter plane in which the passengers take place has the mission of eliminating an invasion of aliens in the heart of New York.

La Ronde, the first VR roller coaster in Canada

In order to be able to take full advantage of this new technology and this new concept, visitors are equipped with an augmented virtual reality mask, which allows them to live a completely new, unprecedented experience! The application integrated into the Samsung VR allows you to be in perfect synchronization with the movements of the attraction.

The Void, amusement park with augmented reality mask

After “La Ronde”, we will find this summer, “The Void”, the first augmented virtual reality park which will open its doors in the United States. Composed of 7 large game rooms, walls covered with materials as well as movement simulators, visitors will be equipped with: gloves, helmet and vest to interact perfectly with this virtual world.

Virtual reality is starting to be a norm in amusement parks, in France we will very soon see new animations in augmented virtual reality, especially at the Futuroscope park.