Digressive glasses, an essential complement for progressive lens wearers

Digressive reading glasses, also called proximity glasses, mid-distance glasses, computer glasses or depth of field glasses, are the result of innovative lens technology. In fact, these near vision glasses allow you to rediscover clear and sharp vision over several distances:

  • up close at 30-40 cm for reading, writing...
  • mid-distance at 60-80 cm for working in front of the computer (perfect view of the screen and keyboard)
  • at an intermediate distance of 80 cm to 3 m to chat with your interlocutor while keeping your pair of glasses on your nose.

Digressive glasses can be not only complementary glasses for wearers of progressive lenses but also a unique pair for emmetropic presbyopes (without visual defects from a distance). Their innovative process offers a new alternative to progressive lens wearers; they can equip themselves with brand new “additional” equipment to work in front of screens.

Progressive glasses are not best suited for computer work. To simplify we can say that these are distance vision glasses with the possibility of seeing up close while degressive glasses are glasses for seeing up close with a gradient at the top of the glass for intermediate distances. Thanks to the soft geometry of their lenses, they give you a more natural posture for working. Choosing a pair of digressive reading glasses means offering yourself additional visual comfort for close work.

computer reading glasses

Presbyopes looking for visual comfort in front of screens

Every day many people without problems seeing at a distance become presbyopic and do not need to wear progressive lenses; their difficulty is in reading and near vision. Rather than choosing basic magnifying glasses, digressive reading glasses are interesting because they are designed for working on a screen in the office. Easy to adapt and with a large field of near vision, they help young presbyopes accept their first glasses.

Currently, more than 60% of presbyopes use a computer and glasses which are not necessarily suitable for near and near vision. Nearly 80% of them complain of eye fatigue or headaches after a day of working on a computer.

Digressive lenses are preferred for presbyopic people who use screens for many hours every day.

Varionet mid-distance reading glasses

Varionet digressive reading glasses are all equipped with our Varionet mid-distance lenses ; these will offer you maximum comfort and optimal protection against digital devices. Varionet digressive lenses provide wide areas for reading and close work as well as clear vision for mid-distance work, computer use, cooking, music, gardening...all activities requiring local vision.

Varionet opticians have developed an anti-glare anti-blue light treatment “Cool Blue” which increases contrasts and reduces the side effects linked to the blue light emitted by screens on the body: migraines, neck pain, dry eyes, red and itchy, neck pain, loss of concentration at the end of the day...

Try them to adopt them; discover our collection of reading glasses with graduated lenses !


Reading glasses and digressive glasses

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