Christmas gift ideas: why not glasses?

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching. You have no inspiration, no gift ideas for your loved ones? Varionet helps you find the perfect gift for your family.


L'automne ou la saison de la lumière bleue

Le changement d’heures, les vacances de la Toussaint, les jours qui raccourcissent sont autant de signes pour annoncer la saison de la lumière bleue.

Nous rentrons du travail, les enfants de l'école, il est 17 heures, le soleil se couche déjà, la nuit approche. Contrairement aux longues soirées d'été passées à l'extérieur, l'automne et l'hiver nous renvoient à l'intérieur de nos maisons en tête à tête avec nos différents écranssources...

The big comeback of Black Friday

Black Friday: when to buy the best blue light blocking glasses

the Black-Friday where the Black Friday , this custom that comes to us from the Americas makes its big comeback at the end of November as every year. This year, this day of exceptional promotions will take place on Friday November 26, 2021 and will last until Sunday December 28 inclusive.

Don't forget Cyber ​​Monday!

Le Cyber monday : qu'est-ce que c’est ? Un peu d'histoire...

Le lundi 28 novembre 2022 ce sera le Cyber Monday ! Pourtant, aujourd’hui, c’est le Black Friday ! Mais quelle est la différence ? 

Ce terme est seulement apparu en 2005, il s'agit du lundi qui succède la Thanksgiving et le Black Friday. A la différence du Black Friday où les achats peuvent s’effectuer dans les magasins physiques comme en ligne, 

Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday?

Black Friday or “black Friday” has become a day that has become essential for trade around the world, both in terms of sales volume and preparation for Christmas. Stores and websites offer considerable promotions on certain products. This date like “cyber Monday” are traditions that come to us from the Americas.

Why not glasses with a nylon thread?

Semi-rimless glasses or Nylor glasses, what are they?

Semi-rimless glasses are frames whose strapping does not completely surround the lens, it is held by a robust nylon thread either on the top of the frame or more generally on the bottom of it. We can say that they are hybrid frames since they combine the minimalist design of rimless glasses and the style of rimless glasses. These semi-rimless glasses are available in metal, titanium or acetate and in different shapes and sizes.

Leisure, work and safety glasses

Since the 2000s, the safety glasses have evolved and become accessible to all. For many years the only solutions were to wear cumbersome over-glasses, to damage your glasses or to tinker with the naked eye without protection! Whether you need a correction or not, safety glasses are more and more adapted to the needs of each activity and each one.

Reasons, causes and solutions for presbyopia


You are over 40 years old, and maybe you noticed that when you read a newspaper, a book or your phone, you had some difficulty distinguishing the letters clearly? This is due to the appearance of a vision disorder . More precisely the presbyopia !

To be sure, it's very simple! 

Change of hours: what consequences on my vision?

Sunday, October 30 will be the day for the transition to winter time. Although it is generally appreciated by sleepers since we will spend an extra hour under the duvet, we will lose an hour of sun in the evening!
This change, combined with the days that are getting shorter, leads to disturbances and

titanium glasses

Titanium has been a material increasingly used in the world of optical industry since the 1980s. Titanium glasses appeared in France around 1986 when they were already widespread in Japan .

Origin and manufacture of titanium:

Discovered in 1791 by the British William Gregor, the first use of titanium dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, as an additive to cast iron and steel, in the form of ferro-titanium. It is the 22nd element of the periodic table, it has the symbol Ti. It is a stable element that belongs to the family of transition metals such as silver, cadmium...

Arrow, the glasses of the famous American brand

Arrow is an American ready-to-wear brand created in 1851 . Renowned for its innovative collar shirts, this American brand, a pioneer in the world of fashion, was for a long time the brand of American businessmen. It still represents today the image of the distinguished man in all circumstances.


What is Beta-titanium?

the beta-titanium is a pure titanium alloy . It is a metal made of titanium and other chemical elements. There are several alloys. The most common are composed of 75% titanium, vanadium and aluminum or titanium and nickel such as Flexon, an alloy used by Marchon for the manufacture of certain Calvin Klein glasses or by the Titanium Flex brand with high-end models. colors.

In this form it is more...