Our COOL BLUE protective computer lenses: anti-blue light glasses for the whole family.

You spend a large part of your days and evenings staring at your computer screen , smart phone , Tablet Or TV monitor , for work, reading, games and other activities. The hours pass and you subject your eyes to radiation of (blue) light and parasitic reflections emitted by screens. This prolonged viewing on the screen leads to eyestrain , stress , dry eye problems, irritation , headache and even back pain .
Medical research mainly attributes these vision disorders, commonly referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome ( SVO ), at the HEV blue light ( Visible High Energy ) which emanates from LED lighting for digital screens . There blue light , the most energetic and harmful of the light spectrum, has long-term harmful effects on your vision (blurred vision, degradation of retinal cells, AMD) but also on your body (disturbances in biological rhythms such as sleep, increases in glucose peaks, etc.)
In order to overcome these problems, the MAVU opticians have developed COOL BLUE , glass high performance anti-glare computer blocking blue light and UV. COOL BLUE allows you to filter up to 30% of artificial blue light screens and 100% UV .

blue light blocking glass

For optimal visual comfort, the anti-reflective treatment blue blocker COOL BLUE eliminates the reflections of indirect light and its blue-violet tint increases contrasts. Our lenses are also equipped with a hydrophobic coating.
The glasses COOL BLUE fitted to all our computer rest glasses and are optional on our presbyopia glasses thus relieving vision even during prolonged use of the computer.

Our computer glasses

The choice of computer glasses is mainly a function of age: whether you have under 40 , you will need rest glasses , if you have over 40 years old and are presbyopia , you will need to use computer glasses for presbyopia .

Rest glasses, comfort glasses, anti-fatigue glasses or even computer glasses are generic terms used by everyone to describe a pair of glasses with low comfort optical corrections. The wearer of rest glasses sees well without glasses, but often complains of increased fatigue when staring at a computer. His eyes are, in general, slightly astigmatic or farsighted, which automatically leads to optical compensation by the lens.
The rest glasses or anti-fatigue glasses that we offer are intended to relieve the accommodation of the eye (activation of the lens) thanks to a very slight universal comfort correction.
Our rest lenses feature our anti-reflective coating blue blocker COOL BLUE to ensure maximum comfort and protection.

Computer glasses for presbyopia, anti-blue light reading glasses or Cool Blue proximity glasses are glasses equipped with Varionet 3-distance proximity glass with an anti-reflective anti-blue light treatment.