Contact lenses for patients with diabetes

After the connected bracelets that calculate the heart rate and the calories burned by athletes, we are hearing about a brand new connected object: Smart lenses. These are the subject of a project by the giants Google and Novartis and aim to improve the lives of patients with diabetes. Indeed, a study shows that having to inject yourself several times a day to know your blood glucose level, causes stress and anxiety in some patients (some avoid injecting themselves because they are too painful). With smart lenses it will be much easier and less restrictive to calculate your glucose level.

Smart lenses from Google and Novartis

google lens

The idea of ​​creating smart lenses with the aim of helping patients with diabetes is not new. Indeed, Microsoft had started working on the project in 2004. Today, Google and Novartis are trying to develop a lens composed of very powerful micro elements which will be inserted between two layers of a flexible material (like the lens of soft contact that we find today in order to ensure optimal comfort for the individual who wears them).
Regarding its use, if the glucose level present in the tears is bad, a light signal will appear on the smartphone, the tablet… of the patients to indicate an anomaly and a risk of danger. This immediately alerts the patient.
A great step forward for people with diabetes, these lenses will reassure them and make them feel safe.
Today, we still do not know the date of marketing of these smart lenses. We just know that Google and Novartis are raising funds to be able to test this project and launch its production and marketing.