The different jobs in optics

Different jobs in optics

It exists different professions in optics ; Ophthalmologist , who requires 10 years of study after the baccalaureate, optician , whose diploma is obtained two years after the baccalaureate and finally orthoptist which requires three years of study after the baccalaureate. Three very different but complementary professions .

The profession of ophthalmologist

The ophthalmologist is a physician specializing in diseases relating to the eyes and eyelids . He diagnoses vision defects, prescribes corrections and can also perform operations since he is also a vision surgeon. This can also carry out additional examinations to detect more serious pathologies.

The profession of optician

The optician has several caps . In fact he has the role of visagist and adviser when he helps the customer to choose his glasses but he is also salesman and vision technician . In his training he also learns to mount and assemble frames and lenses. A job very complete and technical which requires a lot of discipline.

The profession of orthoptist

The orthoptist works with the ophthalmologist. It's a paramedical profession specialized in the detection of visual diseases and in rehabilitation . He intervenes mainly to measure the visual field of a patient and to detect strabismus. He can also intervene after an accident or after a surgical intervention in order to propose a treatment.