Ultraviolet radiation is the guarantee of our morale and the quality of our tan. The UV necessary in small doses, for our joy of living, our energy as much as for the synthesis of vitamin D , can become harmful to greater or lesser degrees: from simple sunburn in the eyes to the appearance of a cataract . The sunburn is fast. We have all experienced it when taking the path that leads us to the market on a summer Saturday, sitting on the terrace of a café or taking our children for a walk in the park. We didn't really expose ourselves, yet the sunburn was already on our bare shoulders, our neck, our legs and also on our eyes, which we often forget .


Why this omission? Sunglasses a simple fashion accessory? From politicians to stars, the Croisette has seen many personalities parade with their sunglasses. We see in it a message of relaxation , ease and sometimes seduction.
Fashion, maybe? Above all, essential protection to preserve their eyes. Eyes which we can never say enough that they are not replaceable . They will age with us without being able to benefit from the rejuvenations that other parts of our anatomy can hope for.

Certainly, it is an investment to buy a pair of quality sunglasses , real glasses that filter UV rays . Yet isn't it better to give up certain futile and useless consumer products and invest in the health of your eyes?

Apart from a beautiful object, the pair of sunglasses is above all a preventive tool to keep serene eyes for as long as possible, neither red nor burnt, far from the aggressions of these ultraviolet rays , which also indescribably burn our youth . , that of our eyes.

And if for you these glasses represent too high a cost in your budget, think about it for birthday gifts, Christmas, Father's Day by contributing to your family or friends. A useful, generous gift for the good of the people you love.

Doesn't it make sense, say you love for the future .

And don't forget the hat to complete or the cap. Broad brim.

You will be the star!