A foreign body in the eye is common. Whether walking, cycling, playing sports or simply shopping, our eyes are exposed to dust and many other particles that can end up crossing the natural barrier of eyelashes and eyelids to irritate the eye. eye .

This is why depending on our activities it is necessary to wear sunglasses or goggles as a preventive measure .

The eye , by its very nature, cleans itself with palpebral blinks which average 24 per minute. These blinks moisturize and lubricate the surface of the eyeball and thus avoid certain irritations . However, depending on the foreign body present in the eye, this is not enough to calm the feelings of irritation and discomfort caused; in this case, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist who will remove this foreign body and possibly prescribe suitable eye drops.

Here are some tips while waiting to see your doctor:

  • It is important not to rub your eye or eyes , it can be painful and make the situation worse. Indeed a simple ferrous dust can get stuck in the sclera and rust!
  • Ask a third person to examine your eye; BE CAREFUL to have clean hands .
  • Get into a well-lit place .
  • Look from bottom to top and from right to left to move the object which will lodge in a canthus (corner of the eye) it will then be easier to remove it, especially for insects, gnats...
  • Wash the eye with a saline solution , saline solution.

After removing the foreign body from the eye, the affected person will feel discomfort, discomfort for some time; fortunately this feeling will quickly disappear.

If not, see a doctor!