Between smartphones , tablets , computers and televisions , we are spending more and more time in front of our screens, on average 6 to 8 hours a day . It is a phenomenon accentuated by technological advances, dematerialization, social networks and other digital tools. Per day, we would use on average up to 4 screens . However, these screens emit harmful light for our eyes!


Current artificial lighting emits blue-violet light which is toxic . INSERM researchers have indeed established the following connection: " We already knew that blue light is toxic for the retina in the case of AMD. This is explained by the accumulation of a compound which absorbs blue light, lipofuscin, which causes the cells of the retinal pigment epithelium to die."

Apart from AMD, age also enters into other processes: photo-activation is no longer compensated by retinal antioxidants. The cells of the retina degenerate and at the same time lead to the death of the associated photoreceptors (source: Essilor and Wing&al IOVS 1978).

Our body translates this harmfulness very well: 75% of screen users complain of discomfort, pain, blurred vision, itchy eyes and glare. This high-intensity light - which is 15 times more harmful to the retina than other radiation emitted in the visible spectrum - causes increased visual stress. This causes various ailments such as dry eye syndrome, eye irritation, headaches and loss of attention, but also color aberrations, blurred vision and loss of contrast.

Blue light: disrupting the circadian cycle

An excess of blue light sends a signal to the brain interfering in the production of melatonin , thus delaying sleep and altering the biological clock . That's why it's important not to look at screens before going to bed. Many studies have shown the correlation between lack of sleep and serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.


Computer Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Reading glasses for screens relieve the effort you make to see clearly in close vision. They make it easier to read small characters on screens and improve contrast. At the same time, they prevent visual fatigue and reduce it. Combined with anti-blue light technologies , computer glasses protect you from this harmful blue light.

Protecting your eyes and improving visual comfort: do anti-blue light glasses have an impact?

Anti-blue light glasses bring many advantages :

  • Reduction of harmful blue light reaching the retina , while allowing light essential for the proper functioning of the eye and nervous system to pass through
  • Contrast enhancement
  • Reduction of visual fatigue
  • Reduced risk of early eye aging, cataracts , early AMD ...
  • Improved quality of sleep, especially if you use your eyes before falling asleep
Which blue light blocking glasses to choose?

It is essential to have a pair of glasses that block these harmful wavelengths while allowing the blue-turquoise light to pass through, which is essential for the proper functioning of the circadian rhythm (biological clock) and the pupillary reflex.

Be careful, not all glasses take this into account! Three solutions exist:

  • The anti-blue light filter : it is a surface anti-reflective treatment which will reduce the rate of blue light entering the eye but which has the inconvenience of a blue-violet reflection (more pronounced than on a conventional anti-reflective treatment). A visible anti-reflective coating that may be considered unsightly by those around you. The perceived image is slightly tarnished, which, of course, increases your comfort on a screen but modifies the perception of colors, not recommended for graphic designers, professionals who need good color vision on the screen...
  • Anti-blue light material : this is a plastic material, a monomer that effectively filters harmful blue light without any visual or aesthetic counterpart.
  • The combination of an anti-reflective filter and this anti-blue light monomer provides the optimum protection against this wavelength range.

To improve your comfort on the computer and protect your eyes, your online optician Varionet introduces you to anti-blue light glasses equipped with Cool Blue + lenses.

The Cool Blue + glass combines protection against scratches, exceptional transparency , ease of cleaning and maximum absorption of blue light thanks to its material. And for even more comfort, it comes with a Hightech multi -layer anti-reflective coating. In addition to protecting your eyes from premature aging , it will reduce your visual fatigue and even allow you to sleep better.

Get advice on the best anti-blue light lenses according to your needs from our Varionet opticians.

February 13, 2024