What is Beta-titanium?

Beta-titanium is a pure titanium alloy . It is a metal made of titanium and other chemical elements. There are several alloys. The most common are composed of 75% titanium, vanadium and aluminum or titanium and nickel such as Flexon, an alloy used by Marchon for the manufacture of certain Calvin Klein glasses or by the Titanium Flex brand with high-end models. colors.

In this form it is lighter than pure titanium and has many qualities.

What are the benefits of beta-titanium?

In addition to its great lightness, beta-titanium glasses have many advantages for the wearer:

  • It is hypoallergenic for pure titanium and nickel-free alloys
  • It can be cut into thin strips which makes it easy to work with, cut, engrave, color... this allows the creation of designer, modern, classic frames...
  • It is wear-resistant, it is a durable material
  • It is non-corrosive
  • Beta-titanium frames are lightweight and sturdy, perfect for everyday wear. They allow easy and comfortable adjustment.

Titanium and its alloys still have one drawback: they are difficult materials to weld. This delicate operation is carried out under a bell jar and with an injection of argon at 1100°.

Due to all its qualities and its biocompatibility, titanium and its derivatives are used in many sectors: chemical industry, aeronautics industry, automobile industry, biomedical sector, etc.

Varionet and beta-titanium

For your comfort, Varionet offers you a large choice of anti-blue light glasses in beta-titanium with the new Flex titanium range , a colorful collection with a contemporary design, John Lennon glasses with a Vintage look.

All these frames can be equipped with our gray photochromic or anti-blue light graduated lenses for visual comfort during your local activities.