Sunglasses or over-glasses

Are you dazzled? Do you have trouble concentrating in more or less sunny conditions? The Eclipse sunglasses are for you! Equipped with cat1 to 3 polarized lenses, these sunglasses are designed to block light rays thanks to their design and their high quality polarized yellow lens.

Glasses for whom?

With their modern design, the Eclipse over-glasses are suitable for everyone, man or woman. You can wear them over your glasses or as simple sunglasses . Eclipse sun protection glasses are made for those who want to quickly and efficiently convert their prescription glasses into polarized sunglasses . They are ideal for people suffering from AMD, cataracts...

The advantages of Eclipse glasses

  • light, robust and versatile frame
  • UV 400 protection
  • polarized lenses to reduce glare and reverberation and improve contrast
  • protection and side lenses for a large panoramic field of vision to block the sun on the sides.
  • more clarity and optimal glare protection
  • reduced eye strain

For your visual comfort, Varionet offers you a selection of Eclipse over-glasses at €39.00