LightVision, augmented reality glasses against AMD

The Start-Up LightVision has developed new augmented reality glasses . These will allow the visually impaired who wears them to see images projected onto their retina. In addition, they will be equipped with new technology: Eye-tracking which would make it possible to follow the movements of the pupil and to correct visual diseases.

LightVision to help people with AMD

AMD is a visual disease that causes loss of central field of vision . This is irreversible and cannot be cured. This is why today many companies, including LightVision, are looking for glasses and technologies that could improve the quality of life of these people.
Indeed the company explains that "The goal of LightVision is to visually help people with AMD, a disease that affects about 1.5 million people in France and more than 60 million worldwide . This disease of the center of the retina gradually leads to the loss of central vision, forcing the patient to use his peripheral sight, unfortunately very inaccurate and not very sensitive to contrasts and colors”.
Augmented reality glasses will be implemented thanks to two cameras placed in the branches who film the patient's environment. People with this visual disease will therefore be able to view their environment correctly and more easily thanks to close-ups and amplified luminance.
The engineers and inventors of this start-up should market these glasses shortly at a price of 7000€.

A great hope to help these patients get out of the blur.