Varionet has received a brand new collection from the Polar brand!

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What is this brand?

The Polar brand has positioned itself as one of the great references in the optical world thanks to its models that offer the customer exactly what he is looking for. Thanks to this, the brand has become world famous . The Polar brand makes glasses for men, women and children.

These are reading glasses with polarizing clips , with plastic or metal frames and classic lenses with a polarizing clip, ie anti-reflective sun protection . They are therefore both "classic" reading glasses, but also solar reading glasses or sunglasses.

What are Polar clip-on glasses?

Polar glasses are supplied with a clip , i.e. a second pair of glasses, solar and polarizing . This second pair of glasses is fixed on the "classic" glasses thanks to 2 magnets on each side of the glasses. So much so that for a single pair of glasses purchased you have the impression of having 2 ! You can choose to use classic reading glasses, or solar and polarized magnetic glasses.

What is a polarizing lens?

The principle of polarizing glasses is quite simple to understand: it is a polarizing film fixed between 2 layers of glasses. These are sunglasses with an additional filter that allows you to remove reflections due to the reverberation of the sun on the water (for fishing) or on the ground (for driving). Polarized lenses prevent glare .

polarized polarized glasses

The advantages of polarizing lenses

Reverberation is a phenomenon that tires the eye very quickly. Glare is made up of parasitic reflections that blur vision and force you to squint your eyes to try to see more clearly. It can be very annoying. This is the case when we are at sea (on a boat) or in the mountains (when the snow surrounds us). Wearing polarized lenses then helps to see correctly without having to make any effort ! You will have a reduction in fatigue as well as greater visual comfort .

Speaking of reflective surfaces, the road is just one place to find them! When driving, the sun's rays can reflect both on the road and on the windows of the vehicles around us. Polarizing lenses therefore help in this situation to prevent glare, which can help avoid or better manage dangerous situations . The visual comfort it brings is also an advantage for clearly perceiving all the information.

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Polar glasses on Varionet

On you will find the new Polar collection with polarizing clips . Take your pick, you won't be disappointed!

polar glasses

polar glasses

polar glasses

polar glasses