the polarizing lens is the ideal sun protection for the eyes, both in an urban context and in beach or mountain environments.

Definition of polarizing lenses

The designation of polarizing glasses corresponds to glasses of specially sunglasses treated to eliminate all parasitic reflections of reverberation. These lenses are equipped with anti-reflective filters, added to treatments against ultraviolet rays, at least category 3, which protect your eyes from sunlight .
The polarizing lens retains a perfect finesse and aesthetics, the filter adding no unsightly thickness. Most models of current sunglasses frames are now offered in two versions, with or without polarized lenses.
The second solution represents safer protection, especially in the context of extreme sports practiced in environments highly exposed to the sun, such as the sea or the mountains.


The benefits of polarizing lenses

Ultraviolet reflects off surrounding materials. They are reflected in particular on asphalt roads, then reflected in your windshield, then to your attacked retinas. Dust and parasitic elements then create hazy halos and optical effects like myriads of butterflies preventing clear vision. The effect is similar for water sports, with ultraviolet rays being strongly reflected by the big blue or your swimming pool. The polarizing lens, equipped with its specific filter, eliminates these visual imperfections , increases the contrasts and makes the comfortable and clear view, even in the brightest settings .
The dangers of imprecise vision when practicing water sports, horse riding, motor sports or urban freeriding on a bicycle with crossing walls and reflective concrete parapets, are thus avoided.

polarized glasses