As we age our visual faculties decrease and can even deteriorate. A healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and a few other means help to preserve our visual capital as well as our general state of health.

Here are some tips and tricks to protect your eyes and the organs involved in the visual process, delay and minimize ocular aging.

  • Have a good diet:

A balanced and varied diet containing the nutrients necessary for the functioning of your eyes. A deficiency of vitamins and nutrients can contribute to AMD, glaucoma, retinopathy... for this, health professionals recommend a diet rich in:

  • Vitamin A: delays the symptoms of corneal aging; is found in tomatoes, peaches, carrots.
  • Vitamin B: essential for the good shape of the lens; is found in dried fruits.
  • Vitamin C: slows down premature aging by preventing eye infections; is found in citrus fruits, kiwis.
  • Trace elements, fatty acids, flavonoids, selenium, zinc: present in fatty fish, fruits and vegetables.

  • Exercising regularly:

Being sedentary promotes overload, poor functioning of the cardiovascular system... sight is sensitive to poor blood system activity; the slightest occlusion in the veins or arteries reaching the eyes can cause disease. This is why it is important to do sport appropriate for your age to maintain good physical condition.

  • Have good habits:

Smoking, eating sugar, saturated fats or drinking too much alcohol are all bad habits that are harmful to your visual health. Tobacco is recognized for its effects on the lungs but it is less known that it has pernicious effects on the retina.

  • Reduce stress:

Poor stress management is also an important element of premature aging of our eyes; it is essential to treat yourself daily to a few minutes or hours of rest, idleness, relaxation... of quality.

  • To rest :

Having 8 hours of sleep is essential not only for your general condition but also to preserve your visual health without forgetting some appropriate breaks during long working days.

  • Wear blue light blocking glasses:

To reduce the toxic effects of blue light from LEDs and screens and its side effects (AMD, cataracts, etc.), health professionals are strongly advised to protect themselves from an early age with Cool blue anti-light glasses . Blue.

These few tips can help you in your daily life to keep your vision capital for as long as possible, but this is not infallible. In case of ocular genes, diseases, visual problems, do not hesitate to consult an ophthalmologist quickly.