You will find below newspaper articles, extracts from TV shows, bloggers, craftsmen, professionals who wear our safety glasses in sight or have tested our Cool Blue Vario net anti-blue light glasses and who have adopted them .

Justine Ramos

I sometimes spend whole days working on my iMac, and at the end of the day my little eyes don't thank me...

To avoid damage, I had heard of anti-blue light glasses and I am delighted to be able to test them thanks to the site specializing in computer glasses : .

It's simple, since receiving them, I no longer take off my Help Me Basic computer glasses that I simply wear with my lenses since these glasses are without correction , as soon as I work! The vision is no different, by that I mean the filter doesn't bother me to work, it just gives a smoother vision .


What I'm looking for most with this type of product is efficiency.

Here is the list of completed tasks:

• One-day computer work.

• PS3 video game (Heavy Rain) for quite a long time.

• Tablet game (Candy Crush) with glasses on your nose.

• Work on computer graphics for a day without a break.

The Cool Blue technology works great on me. I had a lot less eye pain thanks to its use.

All the other people who have tested them agree: it works !

Sk8network tested the Varionet glasses

I did not expect to have a frame of this quality , especially for so -called rest glasses . Identical to the frames of real eyeglasses , the lenses are also of very good quality and are anti-scratch treated. The anti-blue light treatment tints the lenses very slightly, but no more than the treatment present on my glasses , which makes them a very pleasant pair of glasses to wear.


I've never told you about it, but in the context of my work and my hobbies, I sometimes spend more than 12 hours a day in front of a computer screen ( and I don't count the smartphone ). I have very sensitive eyes and have had keratoconus for over 15 years. To put it simply, I have to wear SPOT (rigid) lenses to see anything there. […] If, like me, you spend a lot of time in front of a screen, I recommend blue light blocking glasses .

elza sokolovsky

Working on the computer all day, it's not uncommon for me to end the day with a good ophthalmic migraine . Recently, I have been testing with pleasure two solutions that relieve me enormously: Anti-blue light glasses and the f.lux software. My glasses are Calvin Klein glasses which have anti-reflective and filtering technology which soothes my eyes quite impressively, indeed Cool Blue filters out 30% of the harmful artificial blue light given off by digital screens .

aurelie malau

After a month of good collaboration between them ( my glasses ) and me, we can therefore take stock. It is true that after a day of work I feel better . Even though at the end of the day, I can't stand seeing this screen anymore, I no longer have a headache and I've totally lost that strange feeling of nausea. It must be said that to avoid this discomfort at the end of the day, I now turn off my computer at 6 p.m. Sometimes I take up a project in the evening if I have to work on it, but I force myself to take a minimum of 3 hours off. So I go back to work once the girls are in bed around 9 p.m. Regarding sleep, I sleep much better , Hallelujah! No more insomnia for 2 weeks, I still go to bed relatively late around midnight and one o'clock in the morning, but I fall asleep almost immediately, whereas a few weeks ago my nights began around 3 o'clock in the morning despite a bedtime at midnight/one o'clock.

the curvy and curly closet

Another accessory: glasses ! Did you know about " anti-blue light " technology? I discover ! These are glasses specially designed to avoid fatigue and neck stiffness due to prolonged use of screens such as computers and smartphones . I received this pair to test and I am satisfied. Knowing that I wear myopia glasses since adolescence I managed to adopt them quite easily and wear them when I am on the computer.

I am currently on an internship and I spend nearly 8 hours in front of a screen , not counting the hours I spend behind my personal computer for evening entertainment. Suffice to say that the first week, my eyes were completely burst , red and torn when I got home.
From the second week of the internship, I therefore decided to wear my anti-blue light glasses in order to see the difference. And quite frankly, the results are really conclusive . At first glance, it's quite funny, when you look at a screen through these glasses because the screen is completely " yellowed ". I wouldn't say it completely eliminates the feeling of fatigue , but it largely does. I feel my eyes much less torn, less red, even if they are still a little bit. Let's say that it considerably reduces eye fatigue and frankly, for 40€ it is well worth it.

Ln twin

And no you're not dreaming… in this look I wear glasses ! But don't worry, I don't have any vision problems (at least I think ) ;) It's just that a few weeks ago I received special computer rest glasses from the Varionet site: they are " anti-reflection " and " anti-blue light " produced by the different screens. And I can tell you that, in addition to the casual style it gives to my look every day, I can't do without it anymore. For me who spends more than 8 hours a day behind my computer screen these glasses are just PERFECT ! I can tell you that yes it really helps to avoid headaches and itchy eyes at the end of the day...

To the coquettish stingy

I quickly noticed that my eyes were much less tired . In the evening, it was not uncommon for my eyes to sting, to cry or for headaches to occur. Today, everything has calmed down and it's very pleasant. Now I wear them every day at work and they have become an indispensable tool for having a great day.

Karine, the geeky mom, talks about us!

Clément received a pair of children's glasses with the Titeuf model, which comes in a rigid box that contains a protective fabric case. The branches of the glasses are ultra flexible at 180 degrees which makes them unbreakable and I really appreciate it! The blue light is 100% filtered to protect my loulou's fragile eyes and I feel reassured when he plays the console or watches cartoons. In addition, I find that the Titeuf glasses give him a Harry Potter look.

Laura talks about our blue light blocking glasses on her Youtube channel

I really wanted to test anti-harmful blue light glasses […] Blue light is released via digital screens and this new concept of glasses is ideal for effective protection . These " Cool Blue " glasses have a real filter effect when I'm on my smartphone/computer and thanks to them I have less itchy eyes ! I highly recommend Varionet computer glasses .

Miss Kaffaniata

I wanted to test my glasses in two stages, the first being a day in my life (so at work) and the other just like that in rest glasses , and both tests are super positive. My eyes are less tired (understand I no longer look like a rabbit with myxomatosis in the evening) and above all they are less attacked . On my computer or smartphone , the screen turns a little yellow, but the view adapts really quickly.

Daily tips blog logo

These glasses do not correct vision problems but still provide a slight correction, sufficient to prevent visual fatigue in people whose sight is normal. Computer glasses are actually comfort glasses that are worn occasionally for reading, working in front of a screen and, in some cases, driving. Their price is lower than that of traditional eyeglasses since they do not require custom manufacturing. As you will have understood, I am very happy with this innovation. I've been using them for a week - for the moment, just in front of the pc - and I couldn't live without them!

From the first use, I felt the positive effects:

  • The screen no longer stings my eyes
  • No more burning sensation after a while
  • The light is appeased

pineappleandco logo

By testing the Varionet , I no longer have any headaches ( pretty little rhyme ). More seriously, my personal glasses helped me get over my headache but these avoid said headache and I can tell you that it is life changing. The only negative point that I find in this pair is that because the lenses are bluish, it changes our perception of colors. But this is a really small change that you get used to very very quickly. For the rest, I find that they are still very trendy glasses , RayBan style and therefore quite wearable on a daily basis.

Blog of Maman Pomme and its pips

As for the expected result in terms of vision, the children confirm to me that their eyes sting less and that they have less of this feeling of fatigue . I also find that after a game or movie session, they have less of the small eyes effect and more redness either. I am convinced of their effectiveness and there are some nice models for boys.