With the rise of social networks and the democratization of digital devices, the hours spent in front of screens have multiplied in just 7 years.

Indeed today a teenager spends an average of 6 hours in front of a screen per day . This digital generation is more than ever overexposed to harmful blue light and the damage is numerous;

  • visual fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Headache (migraine)
  • Dry and red eyes
  • Increasingly difficult to see from afar,

This is called "student myopia", Varionet gives you the tips to correct this visual defect now!

Myopia, Kezako?

Myopia is characterized by very poor distance vision but very good near vision without correction. A myopic eye is an eye that is too long or far too powerful, the image it sees is formed in front of the retina which causes a blurred and smaller image.

This vision disorder usually appears during childhood, it progresses rather slowly and stabilizes in adulthood. This can be permanently corrected with surgery.

In recent years we have seen the appearance of a completely new form of myopia, “student's myopia”.

The effects are the same (blurred image and smaller from a distance) but arises suddenly in adolescents or young adults. It is not always necessary to wear glasses correcting myopia, taken in time this disorder can be corrected more easily.

Correct student's myopia easily

There are exercises that are very easy to perform to reaccustom your eye to seeing from afar:

  • Look in 4 directions as far as possible for two or three seconds, repeat the exercise several times.
  • Place your right index finger at the level of your eye (about 20 cm) then put the left 15 cm behind the right. Fix the right index then the left index for 1 minute.

There are also very interesting back-up solutions;

  • The cool blue glasses will allow the student's eyesight to rest while providing him with comfort of vision.
  • A yellow filter that attaches directly to the computer
  • Applications to download on computer/phone/tablet that decrease screen brightness.