It is with great impatience that all video game fans are waiting for Sony to release its own augmented virtual reality headset ! The goal is obviously to play in even more " real " conditions and experience new emotions and thrills. Sony has of course the new expectations of its customers and will offer a brand new headset from October 2016: the PlayStation VR at a price of $399, but be careful if you want to equip yourself with this virtual reality headset , you will have to buy other elements to be able to take advantage of all of its options.

PlayStation VR by Sony

A virtual reality headset that will revolutionize the world of video games 

We have been hearing about this kind of headset connected to a game console for several years now, which would allow you to experience all new sensations. Today Sony takes the bet to come out before its competitors THE augmented reality mask that will make more than one vibrate !

Be aware that this helmet will cost almost 400€ , that it will be delivered with:

- Stereo headphones
-HDMI cable
- USB cable
- AC adapter
- Feed
- Headphone connection
- Documentation in several languages.

To use it you will need in addition to a PS4 console , a special PS4 camera and the PS MOVE .

Today the game that has been tested is the famous Star Wars Battlefront and it has already conquered more than one.

See you in October 2016 , for the official release, however, if you want to pre-order it, you can register on the official PlayStation website .


Remember to protect your eyes in front of the screens!

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