Computer glasses, preparing students for the start of the school year

A student spends an average of 7 hours a day in front of a screen : Computer, tablet, smartphone, television . In higher education, more and more research and files are required. For this, it is necessary or essential to have a computer. Hours fixed in front of a screen and ailments appear after a few hours: Headache, very stiff neck, back pain, red and itchy eyes, loss of concentration, nervousness... In order to reduce these ailments and be able to work There are solutions in comfort, from visual exercises to filters for screens without forgetting new technology glasses: Rest glasses .

computer glasses

Who are computer glasses for?

Computer glasses are available without a prescription and are recommended for emmetropic people (having no visual defect) or people wearing corrective lenses. These are without correction and are intended for under 40s, after 40 there is the same “Cool Blue” lens technology but with a presbyopia correction of +1 to +3.50.
These glasses, also called "rest glasses", allow the individuals who wear them to regain visual comfort in front of a screen, ideal when you spend the whole day working on a computer.

Rest glasses at great prices on Varionet

The online optical store specializing in eyeglasses; Varionet offers frames from major brands at discounted prices. All frames in the shop are equipped with the " Cool Blue " treatment » which filters 30% of the artificial blue light given off by the screens. There are two styles of eyewear, those for 18-40 years , without correction and those for + 40 years who are suffering from presbyopia, syndrome of "arms too short".

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