The “Eyezheimer” app

A young start-up made in France founded by Epitech students is developing an application to help patients with Alzheimer's disease at stimulate their memory and to remember their loved ones. To do this, all you have to do is wear a pair of "Google Glass" connected glasses and start the " Eyezheimer ".

How does this app work to fight Alzheimer's?

Through a facial recognition system, the patient will be able to obtain real-time information about the person in front of him . By having previously recorded the information on each person, the patient will see key information around the individual: Surname, first name, age, relationship... This will also allow the patient to geo locate and facilitate its movements . In addition, it will stimulate the memory of the individual thanks to dedicated mini games.

Thanks to this application, people with this disease, as well as those around them, will finally be able to live better with their disease.

When will the “Eyezheimer” application be launched?

The young start-up talks about a launch for the course of the year 2017 and the application should go even further because it would also make it possible to recall information such as appointments. A feat of technology that will delay the growth of the disease by stimulating the brains of patients and improving their daily lives .