Autumn or the season of blue light

The change of hours, the All Saints holidays, the days getting shorter are all signs to announce the season of blue light .

reading glasses for the blue light season

We come home from work, the children from school, it is 5 pm, the sun is already setting, night is approaching. Unlike the long summer evenings spent outside, autumn and winter send us back inside our homes face to face with our various screens , sources of harmful blue light.

Whatever our age, we spend during this period at least an hour more in front of our television set.
On those rainy, snowy days and dark, cold evenings, we use LEDs to illuminate us, another source of blue light .

This blue light is harmful to our body . It intervenes in the disruption of the circadian cycle (biological clock) and can cause eating and sleeping disorders. In addition, artificial blue light peaks are extremely harmful to the eyes. They destroy retinal cells.

Winter, this season when we take advantage of our interior, curled up on our armchair, our sofa or our bed while surfing on the television, the tablet or the computer; this winter is thus the season of blue light . This invisible enemy creeps in front of our eyes, on the occasion of our daily occupations during these shorter days and with the grace of the lack of exposure to natural light .

How to protect your eyes effectively from blue light

Let's short-circuit this intruder and protect ourselves with anti-blue light glasses and if we don't have any, what an essential gift to give to ourselves or to make around us for Christmas .

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