DIY eyeglasses

Innovation : des lunettes de bricolage solaires ou blanches et correctrices

Varionet ,toujours dans l'innovation, propose des lunettes de bricolage correctrices pour presbytes sur son site et dans de nombreux magasins de bricolage en France et dans toute l'Europe.

Christmas gift ideas: why not glasses?

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching. You have no inspiration, no gift ideas for your loved ones? Varionet helps you find the perfect gift for your family.


L'automne ou la saison de la lumière bleue

Le changement d’heures, les vacances de la Toussaint, les jours qui raccourcissent sont autant de signes pour annoncer la saison de la lumière bleue.

Nous rentrons du travail, les enfants de l'école, il est 17 heures, le soleil se couche déjà, la nuit approche. Contrairement aux longues soirées d'été passées à l'extérieur, l'automne et l'hiver nous renvoient à l'intérieur de nos maisons en tête à tête avec nos différents écranssources...

How to protect children and adolescents from screens?

With the many screens around us, children from an early age are exposed to harmful artificial blue light.

Indeed, whether in front of grandparents' TV, with mom's phone, big brother's tablet, new children's distractions are very harmful to their eyes and body.

Children and screens

5 tips for working from home

Conseils pour un télétravail optimal

Ce n’est un secret pour personne nous vivons une période complexe; le monde presque entier est confiné et pour beaucoup plus de travail ! D’autres, plus chanceux pratiquent le télétravail, chez Varionet c’est le cas et le faisons régulièrement et nous vous proposons quelques conseils pour vivre au mieux cette période.

Anti-blue light glasses, a reality for everyone

Les lunettes anti-lumière bleue, une réelle utilité pour tous 

Les lunettes  anti-lumière bleue ou lunettes pour ordinateur (lien vers onglet « innovation »), tout le monde en parle mais qu’est-ce que c’est et pour qui ?

Que vous ayez entre 18 et 40 ans et pas de défaut visuel ou que vous ayez plus de 40 ans, avec des difficultés pour voir de près, et si vous travaillez sur ordinateur ou si vous utilisez quotidiennement un ou plusieurs écrans chez vous et que vous ressentez une fatigue visuelle alors les lunettes anti-lumière bleue sont faites pour vous !

Blue light blocking glasses: additional protection against artificial light

Les lunettes anti-lumière bleue sont la protection idéale pour l’éclairage LED; cet éclairage omniprésent dans notre environnement diffuse des pics de rayon de longueur d’onde proche de la couleur bleue.

Bon à savoir : la lumière artificielle "traditionnelle" au tungstène émettait principalement des rayonnements rouges.

The return of eye fatigue

La rentrée arrive et vos yeux sont déjà fatigués !


Les lumières se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas : après le plein de vitamine A au soleil arrivent les rayons de la lumière bleue émis par votre ordinateur, smartphone et autres appareils numériques. 

La lumière bleue, tout le monde en parle; elle est présente partout ! Tout d'abord dans la lumière naturelle émise par le soleil, dans ce cas une exposition "normale" est vivement conseillée pour ses effets bénéfiques pour l'humain.

Treat yourself to a pair of Italian luxury glasses: Armani

Giorgio Armani Eyewear

Armani is an Italian fashion brand, from Milan more exactly, created in 1975 by Giorgio Armani.

This is one of the most remarkable creators of his generation. He took men's fashion and made it evolve. Today he is recognized worldwide as the best Italian designer . His style is elegant and somewhat unstructured.

Giorgio Armani

The Armani brand is fashion and lifestyle products including clothing, accessories, eyewear , watches, jewelry, lifestyle and home furnishings as well as fragrances and cosmetics.

However in 1981 Armani launched the Emporio Armani brand.

But what is the difference? -> A younger and more accessible spirit.

Emporio Armani Glasses

The Emporio line is high-end and targets a more modern clientele. Indeed, this label is intended for individuals aged 20 to 30 with a chic and sporty style. In order to appeal to young adults, Emporio is cheaper than other Armani lines. This is why Emporio Armani can use materials of relatively lower quality than the big luxury brand Giorgio Armani but keep the Latin elegance of Armani. Its muse is Calvin Harris, the famous DJ with a young and casual spirit.

Calvin Harris Armani glasses

Armani glasses

The Armani brand offers a large selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses . Trendy, elegant and timeless, Giorgio Armani eyeglasses will seduce you whether you are a man, a woman, young or older! Giorgio Armani frames are made from high quality materials, for a rendering close to perfection . G iorgio Armani models are very comfortable, pleasant to wear and sit perfectly on the nose. As for the Emporio , they have a simple design, light and super flexible frames.

Armani at Varionet

The glasses are adaptable to your eyesight on the Varionet website, and you can find a wide choice of models equipped with Cool Blue glass, anti-blue light glasses facing digital screens. This allows you to reduce your eyestrain.

After 40, find Armani reading glasses with Varionet digressive lenses for presbyopia corrections from +1.00 to +3.50.

We can also add sun lenses for the perfect sun reading glasses .

Finally, you can also order glasses adjusted to your sight, you just have to give us your prescription when ordering on , our qualified opticians will take care of the rest.

Armani glasses

Armani glasses

Armani glasses

For a timeless style, adopt CHLOÉ glasses

Chloé, a pioneering brand !

Chloé is a French brand created by Gaby Aghion in 1952 to dress modern and active women.

Chloé combines the requirements of haute couture with those of ready-to-wear. It is the precursor of luxury ready-to-wear. Her clothes are supple, Mediterranean-inspired with natural, fluid and refined colors. Beautiful silk, lace or chiffon fabrics are used for original models.

Finding a job with glasses

Wear glasses during a job interview

According to a study reported in the DailyMail , Wearing glasses during a job interview would increase the chances of getting the job . In fact, this is what at least 1/3 of the people questioned during the survey think: A third of UK adults think glasses make a person look more professional while 43% think they make people look smarter ".

What glasses should I wear if I have no correction?

Whether the recruiter likes it or not, the interview is often influenced by the first minute and the first picture. If you wear glasses, the employer will associate you with seriousness, attendance and trust.
If you don't have a sight problem, you can opt for glasses without lenses, as many Asians do, but you're not sure if you'll be taken seriously! The best solution is to go for blue light blocking glasses that will give you style and elegance . With a specific anti-reflective treatment and universal correction, they protect the eyes from the harmful blue light given off by the screens.

Glasses without correction

Non-prescription glasses will allow you to be your allies during your job interviews . If you are looking for a first job, an internship, an alternation and your physique rejuvenates you, do not hesitate to use them.

Cool Blue anti-reflective computer glasses

If you work on a computer or are confronted with screens all day, blue light blocking glasses are made for you. They you protect against the harmful blue light emitted by screens and ensure comfort and safety . You will be able to wear them for your job interview because they have only a very slight correction which will not bother you. You can then use them in everyday life to protect yourself from artificial blue light. In addition, thanks to their high-performance anti-reflective lenses, you can use them for night driving to protect you from the glare of headlights.

blue light hazard

Blue light: DANGER for your sleep

blue light emitted by screens such as computers, TVs, phones and even tablets when backlit activates 100 times more non-visual photosensitive receptors in the retina . This leads to a disruption of the biological clock and causes difficult nights, a bad awakening and a day that tires your body by provoking: headache , back pain , neck pain , itchy eyes . These many disturbing and painful symptoms prevent your brain from concentrating as much as possible on the task(s) to be performed during the day.

Moderate use of screens after 9:00 p.m. would make it easier to sleep

According to a survey we find that more than 70% of the French population uses a technological device such as a smartphone or tablet before going to bed. This automation is more and more dangerous for sleep  However, how many people are aware of the impacts it has on sleep?
According to several doctors and scientific researchers, it is necessary to stop using screens after 9:00 p.m. because the light projected by the screens prevents the production of melatonin. This hormone, which is produced naturally when you're in the dark, helps regulate your sleep cycle . In addition, these prolonged uses prevent relaxation when going to bed and therefore cause greater difficulty in falling asleep. If in a room we find a bed it is because this room must be reserved exclusively for sleep and relaxation (music, reading, etc.) it is therefore strongly discouraged install a TV, computer or other digital instrument.

How to protect your eyes in front of the screens?

If you like to relax in the evening in front of the TV we have a solution to mitigate the risks of blue light: anti-blue light computer glasses intended for screens . Indeed, these resting glasses help protect your eyes when they are exposed to these sources of harmful light for a long time. However, to wear them you must be emmetropic , that is to say not have a vision problem or wear contact lenses. You will feel from the first use that your relieved eyes , thanks to a light yellow filter it will be more pleasant to watch TV or use the computer , these allow to find a real visual comfort while preventing some very painful and disturbing back and headaches.

Where can I find computer glasses?

Many models are available on , at low prices and without a prescription! Indeed, these anti-blue light glasses have a low universal correction and high-performance Cool blue anti-reflective lenses.