All wearers know this well; spectacle lenses get dirty regardless of their material! Reading glasses, computer glasses, sunglasses or goggles are subject every day to dust, pollution, dirt and their lenses, even if they are hardened, are not 100% resistant to micro-scratches and scratches. .. This is why Varionet gives you some valuable tips to extend the life of your lenses and therefore your glasses.

Glasses cleaner

Caring for your glasses:

  • remove and put your glasses with both hands
  • never put them on glasses
  • never expose them to a strong source of heat, for example behind your windshield
  • remember to check that the temple screws are tight and the glasses are properly adjusted
  • preferably store them in a rigid optical case, do not put them loose in your bag or in a pocket!

Care and maintenance of your lenses:

  • Never dry clean your glasses! Run them under running water to remove dust before cleaning.
  • do not use too powerful chemicals such as acetone, window cleaner, solvent .... these deteriorate the surface treatments, hardened, anti-reflective ...
  • do not use paper tissues, absorbent paper or your clothes which cause micro scratches on the surface of the lenses.
  • use a specific cleaner for your glasses and a microfiber that you wash regularly (30° in the machine).

Little more :

Varionet eyeglass cleaning sprays and microfiber wipes can also be used to clean your various screens, telephones, tablets or computers, audio headsets, photo lenses, etc.

By following these few suggestions, you will prevent some scratches and keep your glasses looking good.