Long live your glasses!

All wearers know this well; spectacle lenses get dirty regardless of their material! Reading glasses, computer glasses, sunglasses or goggles are subject every day to dust, pollution, dirt and their lenses, even if they are hardened, are not 100% resistant to micro-scratches and scratches. ..

Protect yourself from eye allergies!

Spring is coming and with it beautiful flowers! these make the eyes happy for some but for others they are synonymous with eye irritation, dryness or allergies.

  • What is an eye allergy?

eye allergy is a abnormal reaction happening at eye level. When in contact with an often foreign substance.

Vuarnet and sunglasses: a long story!

The famous brand of glasses Vuarnet was not born from the last rain! She has a long and beautiful story behind her and it is far from over. Vuarnet was created in the 1950s under the impetus of its creator Roger Pouilloux .

Winter tips for your eyes

The cold winter air can wreak havoc on our skin, hair, nails and also our eyes ! Many believe that with less sunshine and lower temperatures our eyes no longer need protection; it is however the opposite with the cold and the dry air our eyes need even more attention and care.

The return of eye fatigue

Back to school is coming and your eyes are already tired!

For what?

The lights follow each other and are not alike: after filling up with vitamin A under the sun arrive the rays of blue light emitted by your computer , smartphone and other digital devices.

Blue light , everyone talks about it; it is present everywhere! First in the natural light emitted by the sun , in this case "normal" exposure is strongly recommended for its beneficial effects for humans.

New York Yankees glasses

The New York Yankees baseball team is also a ready-to-wear brand. Major League Baseball, of which it is a part, has existed for 150 years. MLB is made up of 30 teams that each have their own brand.

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Some of these brands are global US fashion icons, with New York Yankees being the most famous. Strongly inspired by American culture, New York Yankees influence the world of fashion. Young people are very fond of New York Yankees items that are often worn by their favorite stars. The brand is available in many derivative products: caps, clothing, shoes, eyeglasses , sunglasses , and other accessories... World famous, it is very masculine, but nevertheless has a range of mixed products.

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New York Yankees glasses feature the logo symbolized by the initials NYY. Very subtle, they bring a final touch to the brand's glasses. It is this detail that makes the difference on their frames. Young people recognize themselves in the fashion side of New York Yankees glasses. Varionet offers New York Yankees frames in acetate or metal for everyone. They are available for the youngest (child or teenager) in anti-blue light glasses equipped with Cool Blue + lenses. They can also be adapted as needed as presbyopia glasses with decreasing lenses to improve near vision or as anti-fatigue and anti-blue light glasses with computer lenses for young people working in front of computers. The New York Yankees glasses are at very reduced prices and from 79 € frame and lenses!

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Movie glasses

Glasses in the cinema are an integral part of the hero who wears them ! They represent his personality and they even sometimes become “must-haves” that the world snaps up. Passing by Matrix, Harry Potter, Top Gun, The Blues Brothers without forgetting Fight Club, Men in Black and Léon, their glasses have made the heroes of these films true legends!

Round glasses like Harry Potter

Harry Potter and his round glasses, what a story! He brought this model up to date and as soon as the first film was released, many little boys wanted to have the same pair as their favorite hero! On Varionet you will find a similar model, a pair of round metal glasses from the Gant brand at €89.90 .

You can opt for "Cool Blue" anti-blue light glasses without correction or presbyopia anti-blue light glasses or presbyopia glasses according to your age and your desires!

Top Gun pilot goggles

Ask Tom Cruise how you can do without a pair of pilots! He will tell you that it is obviously impossible! That's why Varionet offers you an ultra vintage Ray-Ban “Cockpit” model for just €99.00. Treat yourself and take advantage of our “satisfied or refunded within 30 days” service.

Sunglasses à la Men in Black

Do you want to look like Will Smith and fight the ugly aliens with your sunglasses? Find on Varionet a pair of Foreign Legion sunglasses in black acetate and equipped with polarized lenses at only €69.00! You can also opt for “Cool Blue” computer lenses that filter out harmful artificial blue light.

Blues Brothers style sunglasses


You like to sing, dance, be cool! Wear the "cult" Ray-ban Wayfarer black or tortoiseshell sunglasses like the Blues Brothers. You find them too inclined or too big in this case, choose the Ray-ban New Wayfarer with a softer and more current shape. For fans of these models, these frames also exist in anti-blue light glasses .

Treat yourself at a smart price on www.varionet.com

The harmful effects of light

Some beneficial effects of light such as vision of shapes, vision of colors… are well known to everyone and obvious. Others like the biological clock, the action on the psyche are less so and benefit from advances in medical research.

Food and our vision

Good nutrition for good vision

Eating well is essential to seeing well. Indeed, certain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals help us naturally to protect our vision from the irreversible effects of age. With good nutrition, the risk of vision loss is reduced. considerably reduced .

Foods friendly to our eyes

- Vitamin A, essential for the retina
• Eggs
• Butter
• Meat
• Tomatoes
• Apricots
• Peppers

- Beta-carotene, antioxidant precursor of vitamin A
• Carrots
• Apricots
• Sweet potatoes
• Mangoes
• Papayas
• Tomatoes

- Vitamin C protects the cornea and lens from oxidation and helps prevent cataracts
• Citrus
• Green leafy vegetables
• Cabbage

- Lutein and zeaxanthin, components of the macula against cataracts and AMD
• Yellow, orange or green fruits and vegetables

- Omega-3, to maintain the retina and against dry eyes
• Fish

Exposing ourselves to the sun so that our eyes do not lack vitamin D

Although some foods have vitamin D, it is important to go out and expose yourself to at least 15 minutes a day under the sun. UV will allow your eyes not to miss this essential vitamin . If you have children encourage them to play outside and expose themselves to the sun (watch out for over-exposure!).

Conclusion on what it does good for us

To have beautiful healthy eyes, it is It is important to eat a varied and balanced diet without forgetting fruits and vegetables which contain many vitamins. To protect your eyesight, you must also subtract two components: Cigarette smoke and the sun's rays, so avoid smoking and wear protective clothing.  sunglasses to protect your eyes from early aging .

April 28, 2017


Unlike infrared rays whose effects are immediate: heat, burns, etc. Those of ultraviolet rays are expressed late. Eyelid, retina, cornea, lens may suffer from prolonged exposure. In order to protect your vision , which is part of your five senses, we advise you all to wear sunglasses adapted to your activity : running, fishing, hiking, tanning …

There is the sky, the sun and my eyes.


There is the sky, the sun and my eyes .

Lying on the sand, the sun in my eyes, slathered in total screen, I take advantage of the summer that is coming back.

Did I forget anything? Nope !