Free 443 Blue and Black Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Free 443 Glasses Blue and Black

The Free 443 anti-blue light glasses are part of the Free optical collection.

With 138mm wide and 38mm x 52mm lenses, the Free 443 blue light blocking glasses bring you visual comfort and ocular well-being; they also offer you optimal protection against screens by reducing glare. Blue light blocking glasses ideal for teenagers and young people.

Free anti-blue light glasses are fitted with Cool Blue + ™ non-prescription lenses, a material that absorbs 100% of UV rays and more than 90% of artificial blue light emitted by LEDs, various screens (PC, tablet, smartphone. .).

The Free 443 Blue and Black Glasses come with a microfiber and a free hard case!

Dimensions Free 443 Glasses Blue and Black
138mm 38mm 52mm 18mm 145mm

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Mathilde Laurent

Good but more colorful than in the picture