Today we live in a world where everything is connected; Television, tablet, telephone, watch... New technology surrounds us and we have new lifestyles .

All of us are giving up our old ways. A route is searched by GPS or mobile application , the reading is done on a reader .

The smartphone , the computer or the tablet have become in a few years our daily life, whether at work but also with the family. Prolonging your work at home or on vacation, consulting a cooking recipe, booking trips, or shopping, all online, has become our daily life. Our children or grandchildren find on the tablets their favorite cartoons, their songs, their games and the tutorials imposed by their parents or teachers to learn multiplication tables, grammar or English.

Not to mention all the other virtual coach applications : quitting smoking, playing sports, losing weight, make-up lessons or other English lessons set up by the employer!

Who cares about the harmful effects on our body?

The harmful effects of this virtual world on the body

We note several adverse effects on eyesight:

- Blurred vision
- Red and itchy eyes
- Itchy eyes
- In the most serious cases AMD (age-related macular degeneration: loss of central vision).

But also on the organization :

- Headache and back pain
- Stiff and painful neck
- Loss of concentration
- Stress
- Dysregulation of the biological clock (sleep clock)
- Obesity.

cool blue+ blue light blocking glasses

Keeping up with the times by protecting your vision: Cool Blue+ glasses

If you have to move with the times, you also have to protect yourself from the negative effects of these applications on the body and mind! What to do ? Reduce your virtual activities after 9 p.m., lower the brightness of your screens ( possibly download applications that will adjust the brightness according to your environment ).

Above all, protect your eyes from harmful artificial blue light with a pair of " Cool Blue " computer glasses ! This filters on average 35% of harmful artificial blue light and will allow you to work in front of your screens by reducing the harmful effects on sight and on the body.

And because it is also important to protect the sight of the youngest , we have developed the " Cool Blue + " lenses , to help adolescents and young adults to fight against harmful blue light . Indeed, these lenses protect against 100% of the blue rays of the high-energy visible light diffused by our connected screens .

The eye is the most fragile of all our organs, never forget that.

blue light kids