A few days after the start of summer, on June 27, in the United States and Canada, National Sunglasses Day is celebrated each year. This day was created by the Vision Council which dedicates a site to it nationalsunglassesday.com

Why a National Sunglasses Day?

This day is a simple and fun way to remind the American population of the importance of sun protection . It is necessary to protect yourself from glare, solar and UV radiation as well as the dangers associated with exposure to the sun. UV radiation (especially UVA) is harmful to the eyes and the skin, which is why it is strongly recommended to wear sunscreen to prevent burns, degeneration, cancer, etc.

During strong and long exposure, UV can cause problems in the white of the eye, keratitis, cataracts, retinal damage... In addition, sunscreens are an active anti-wrinkle! Your protected eyes are relaxed; fewer wrinkles and fine lines appear at the corner of the eyes. In addition, by blocking UV rays, your eyelids, whose skin is thin and sensitive, are protected, less risk of cancer.

Which sunglasses to choose?

Here are some tips for choosing the best sunglasses:

- Check that they provide good UV protection, 100% UV or UV400 protection

- Choose a category suited to its use: cat.4 for high mountains or sailing, cat.2 for moderately sunny weather... For summer activities, driving, cat.3 sunglasses are ideal and master key.

- Prefer a pair of comfortable sunglasses that do not slip, large and covering.

- And of course opt for nice looking glasses!

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