In this month of June, with the weather changes, the pollution, the computer work... your eyes are solicited all day long. In the evening, you suffer from visual fatigue , headaches, dry eyes, tingling, your vision becomes blurred... and yet you want to watch the football World Cup matches on your television, computer or telephone screen .

Here are some tips to fully enjoy the football World Cup without straining your eyes:

  • Place your screen in a normally lit room
  • Position your TV to avoid reflections and glare from lamps, windows or other light sources
  • Your screen should be at eye level or slightly lower to avoid vertical eye muscle strain
  • Look regularly and quickly outwards or as far away as possible to avoid the effort of staring at the screen for too long
  • Remember to blink and massage your eye contours
  • Wear anti-blue light glasses: rest or anti-fatigue glasses are designed for people aged 18 to 40 without visual defects who suffer from visual fatigue.
    Anti-blue light or comfort glasses will reduce the effects of glare and television reflections thanks to their effective anti-reflective treatment. In addition, your rest lenses filter 100% of UV rays and part of the blue light emitted by screens. You will gain in contrast, sharpness and above all in comfort. It is the ideal solution to relieve your eyes; you can watch all the games and support your team in peace!