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Summer is here: how to protect your eyes from the sun?

Sight is, among our 5 senses , the one we use the most. But how do you protect your eyesight in summer with the intensity of the sun? Our eyes are fragile and need to be taken care of.

What are the risks of the sun for your eyes?

On the front of the eye is the cornea, it protects the eyes from UV from the sun .

Vuarnet and sunglasses: a long story!

The famous brand of glasses Vuarnet was not born from the last rain! She has a long and beautiful story behind her and it is far from over. Vuarnet was created in the 1950s under the impetus of its creator Roger Pouilloux .

sunglasses day

A few days after the start of summer, on June 27, in the United States and Canada, National Sunglasses Day is celebrated each year. This day was created by the...
Bien choisir ses lunettes de soleil  !

Choose your sunglasses wisely!

Summer is definitely here with its long sunny days. Despite all its benefits, the sun can also have harmful effects, sun protection is required. Just as we coat our face...

Protect your eyes in winter sports

The snow and the long-awaited vacation are finally here. Many of you enjoy the various activities offered by the snow-capped mountains: skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing… for all these activities wearing...

Protect your eyes in the mountains

In the mountains, in winter, whether you are skiing or snowshoeing, sun protection is essential for the skin, but also for the eyes . Effects of altitude on vision In elevation ,...