More than a fad, retro has become a real trend and even a way of life over time. Whether in the home, decoration, fashion, accessories, retro is ubiquitous everywhere, it remains a safe bet. It is the same in eyewear with vintage glasses, retro-chic glasses...

The retro style is a guarantee of quality and authenticity. It reflects an era from which it keeps the inspiration with current codes.

In optics, we find shapes, colors and materials in a retro style. The main sources of inspiration are the 50s to 80s and the models remain easy to identify while benefiting from the technological developments of recent years, whether for frame materials, lens geometry, etc.

This style has become essential, man or woman, young or old, we all succumb to vintage glasses. It represents chic and elegance.

For men, round or rectangular eyeglasses predominate.

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For women, butterfly or cat eye glasses

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For everyone, Pantos glasses , still unbeatable

All these frames are available in anti-blue light glasses for the youngest and presbyopes, in solar reading glasses...

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