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Clean your sunglasses

The sunglasses brands or not are as fragile as eyeglasses . To be able to enjoy it for several years or at least during the summer, it is important to have the good gestures and good methods of cleaning. Through this article you will find simple and judicious information to extend the life of your favorite sunglasses!

How to take care of your sunglasses?

Ray-ban or the madness of an intergenerational brand

The Ray-Ban brand was created in 1937 by a German eyewear manufacturer Bausch & Lomb.

Lieutenant John MacCready asked these opticians emigrated to the United States to set up glasses that would allow panoramic protection, this is where the famous G15 lens was born.

Today, almost 80 years after the first Aviator model was marketed, it is still in vogue and has been revisited by the company Luxottica, owner of Ray-Ban since 1999.
This brand is still at the top of sales in optical shops today.

The mystery of colors: origin, symbolism and trend

Colors are everywhere and there are endless shades. What is this phenomenon? What do they represent?

What is color and how do we see it?

Light is an electromagnetic wave (like a radio wave) and "its color" depends on its wavelength.

Its size gives it its "color": when the wavelengths are short - around 380 nm - we perceive them as blue-violet and...

Treat yourself to a pair of Italian luxury glasses: Armani

Armani is an Italian fashion brand, from Milan more exactly, created in 1975 by Giorgio Armani. This is one of the most remarkable creators of his generation. He took men's fashion...

For a timeless style, adopt CHLOÉ glasses

Chloé, a pioneering brand !

Chloé is a French brand created by Gaby Aghion in 1952 to dress modern and active women.

Chloé combines the requirements of haute couture with those of ready-to-wear. It is the precursor of luxury ready-to-wear. Her clothes are supple, Mediterranean-inspired with natural, fluid and refined colors. Beautiful silk, lace or chiffon fabrics are used for original models.

To each face its pair of glasses

Find the right glasses for your face shape

Lots of frames catch your eye? Very big ones, very small ones but you don't know which one is made for you? We will try to give you advice so that you can find the frame that will enhance your face.

Movie glasses

Glasses in the cinema are an integral part of the hero who wears them ! They represent his personality and they even sometimes become “must-haves” that the world snaps up....

Retro glasses

More than a fad, retro has become a real trend and even a way of life over time. Whether in the home, decoration, fashion, accessories, retro is ubiquitous everywhere, it...