The myopic eye

Myopia is a visual abnormality identified since antiquity by Aristotle. This is refractive disorder more common in the world . Some ophthalmologists even speak of a global epidemic: according to a study conducted by the University of Canberra (Australia) 90% of young students in developed countries in Asia are myopic against 30% in the 70s. This phenomenon is found all over the world, in the USA the population of myopes has increased from 25 to 45%.

Tips for choosing glasses

Learn how to choose the ideal glasses

Computer glasses or reading glasses give you allure and style when they are adapted to your morphology. Indeed, not all types of glasses are suitable for everyone. That's why we give you some tips on the color and shape of the computer glasses to choose according to your physical characteristics:

Your glasses according to the color of your

Protect yourself from eye allergies!

Spring is coming and with it beautiful flowers! these make the eyes happy for some but for others they are synonymous with eye irritation, dryness or allergies.

  • What is an eye allergy?

eye allergy is a abnormal reaction happening at eye level. When in contact with an often foreign substance.

Arrow, the glasses of the famous American brand

Arrow is an American ready-to-wear brand created in 1851 . Renowned for its innovative collar shirts, this American brand, a pioneer in the world of fashion, was for a long time the brand of American businessmen. It still represents today the image of the distinguished man in all circumstances.

Mask + Goggles = FOG! How do I prevent my glasses from fogging up?

Wearing a mask is now compulsory in many countries including France. Whether in public transport, in public places, in high schools, the mask has quickly become an essential part of our daily lives.

Why is my prescription glasses or sunglasses fogging up?

When wearing glasses and a mask or mask-visor several hours everyone can realize the fogging of the glasses .

CliC magnetic glasses are in stock!

If you don't yet know what CliC glasses are...

THE CLIC glasses they have a magnetic connection on the nose , a semi-rigid cord and adjustable temples . The brand has obtained several patents concerning its magnetic closure system, the headband, the stretch cord system... new at Clic : we can now adjust the cord semi-rigid to adapt it perfectly around your head.

To each face its pair of glasses

Find the right glasses for your face shape

Lots of frames catch your eye? Very big ones, very small ones but you don't know which one is made for you? We will try to give you advice so that you can find the frame that will enhance your face.

Myopia in Asia, an epidemic

Myopia, an epidemic

Myopia affects 40% of young people in Europe, in Asia it affects 90% of students at the end of their studies, alarming figures. Even if the genetic factor is important, the new lifestyle of young people indoors, in front of screens, leads us to believe that it is also one of the causes of this growth. Optometrists, doctors and researchers are increasingly interested in this subject, which they even call “an epidemic”.

Myopia, what is it?

Myopia is a vision disorder that causes blurry distance vision . This disorder is due to an excessive length of the eye and must be corrected by wearing glasses or contact lenses. Myopia stabilizes from the age of 20/25, once it is stable it is possible to undergo an operation to improve your quality of life by eliminating the wearing of glasses and/or contact lenses.

Environmental factors, major causes of myopia

Children and students are spending more time indoors than before. With the rise of the internet and consoles, they have never been so much in front of screens and sought close vision. A new way of life that has serious consequences on their health and eyesight. Indeed, practicing outdoor activities allows the eye to rest and exposes individuals to natural light . This releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that stops the growth of the eye and therefore naturally fights myopia.

Protect yourself from myopia

In order to reduce the risk of myopia, it is important to encourage children to go out and play outdoors. It is necessary to curb indoor games that require a screen: TV, computer, tablet, smartphone because this artificial light increases the risk of myopia. For the youngest we offer Cool Blue + anti-blue light glasses , without correction they filter UV and harmful blue light thanks to their innovative material.
For students, the wearing of blue light blocking glasses to decrease the effects of harmful artificial light is necessary. From €39.00, we offer computer glasses with Cool blue anti-reflective treatment.

Understanding and Treating Corneal Trauma

corneal trauma

the corneal trauma is one of the main reasons for consultations with ophthalmologists in the emergency room. Do-it-yourselfers and "Sunday" gardeners generally do not protect their eyes before working and are the first to be affected by corneal trauma. There are also those who go down the ski slopes without goggles, those who receive a punch in the arcade and the reckless who uncork a bottle of champagne, paintball incidents... just as many situations that cause eye shock and damage the cornea.

Symptoms of Corneal Trauma

The pain is often immediate and very intense , it is this in general that informs the individual and leads him to the hospital or to a doctor. However it can happen that the pain occurs several hours later and often at night , such as during an ultraviolet burn. In these cases he is important to go to the CHU the nearest in order to have a precise medical opinion and to be treated by an expert in ophthalmology.

Prevention of corneal trauma

To protect your cornea, your eyes and also protect your sight, there are simple gestures such as wearing safety glasses or DIY glasses when practicing your activities. These protective glasses are available in eyeglasses , in sunglasses and glasses without correction . For those who are skiing there are the preferably sunglasses with polarized lenses . For a solar eclipse there are special category 14 lenses that protect your eyes.

The different treatments to cure corneal trauma

If it is a "classic" foreign body ; Dust, grain of sand… Just rinse his eyes with cold water .

If it is a chemical splash it's necessary rinse the eye with physiological serum for at least 15 minutes then consult an ophthalmologist afterwards even if you have no pain.

After a physical burn you don't have to do anything alone you have to immediately go to the university hospital to be handled by an expert. 

If you have just received a shock (punch) I don't have to rinse the eye or touch it, you have to close it and also go see a doctor.

In the most serious cases there is a corneal transplant !

TOP 5 eyeglasses 2017

Here is a selection of some fashionable eyeglasses or reading glasses for everyone:

1/ Pantos prescription eyeglasses are still #1.

These Eleven Paris glasses are elegant acetate frames ideal for both men and women of all ages. Pantos glasses are also available as sunglasses .

2/ The timeless style of Versace glasses : "cat's eye" glasses in colored acetate for women, these elegant frames are ideal for holidays as well as for everyday work in front of your screen.

3/ Varionet polarized sunglasses with modern shapes, current for everyone. These TR90 frames are very light. With their sporty and dynamic look, they are practical and comfortable and will protect you from glare and reverberation.

4/ Oakley Shovel eyeglasses for men. These frames combine robustness, comfort and elegance. These glasses offer performance for both athletes and people working in an office.

5/ Ray-ban Aviator glasses or similar pilot -shaped eyeglasses are still popular. A classic model, these frames are available as reading glasses, resting glasses or sunglasses. A medium size frame is an excellent choice for both men and women.

Retro glasses

More than a fad, retro has become a real trend and even a way of life over time. Whether in the home, decoration, fashion, accessories, retro is ubiquitous everywhere, it remains a safe bet. It is the same in eyewear with vintage glasses, retro-chic glasses...

The retro style is a guarantee of quality and authenticity. It reflects an era from which it keeps the inspiration with current codes.

In optics, we find shapes, colors and materials in a retro style. The main sources of inspiration are the 50s to 80s and the models remain easy to identify while benefiting from the technological developments of recent years, whether for frame materials, lens geometry, etc.

This style has become essential, man or woman, young or old, we all succumb to vintage glasses. It represents chic and elegance.

For men, round or rectangular eyeglasses predominate.

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For women, butterfly or cat eye glasses

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For everyone, Pantos glasses , still unbeatable

All these frames are available in anti-blue light glasses for the youngest and presbyopes, in solar reading glasses...

Find all our choice on

The detailed glasses fitting procedure

Fitting the glasses

When you place an order for presbyopia glasses, rest glasses or prescription glasses on our website, we check the frame and the lenses to see if there are any manufacturing problems: defective welding, damaged acetate plastic, surface treatment of the lenses, no scratches... Then we proceed with the assembly and then the shipment .

Glasses mounting procedure

 Pointing glasses : whether it is a decreasing lens or a rest lens, we will check, using a fronto-focusometer, that the power of the lens corresponds to your order or your prescription and mark the optical center of the lens.

 Frame probing : this operation is done with a probe which will be inserted in the bezel of the frame to scan the shape of the 2 circles on the right and on the left. For nylor or drilled frames, we will only feel the caliber of a lens.

 Centering and suction : the feeler is connected to a centering device on which the shape of the mount is displayed. We record the different parameters to be taken into account: client's pupillary distance, mounting height, type of lens, frame, type of grinding to be performed... we can thus position the lens correctly and suction it using a mounting suction cup and a double-sided sticker for trimming.

 Lens grinding : with a machine equipped with different wheels (one for each material) we proceed to the size of the lenses. All previously recorded data is transmitted to the machine. She checks that the diameter, the thickness of the glass allow this step. The glass will go over a roughing wheel and then over a finishing wheel with finer grains depending on its material.
Depending on the mount chosen, the grinding will not be the same:
- bevel for fully rimmed frames 
- creasing for semi-rim frames with nylon thread or metallic thread
- flat bevel for rimless frames
The lens is shaped like the frame.

 Counter-bevel : We make a counter-bevel with a hand finishing wheel. The goal is to break the edges of the glass so that it is not sharp and this avoids unsightly splinters.

 Assembly : The mounting of the lenses is different depending on the material of the eyeglasses:
- for plastic frames : we heat the glasses in order to soften the material and to be able to clip the glasses on it.
- for metal frames: we check that the curvature of the metal circle is identical to that of the lens and using a screwdriver, we open the frame to position the lenses.
- for nylon frames: with a plastic tab, we catch the nylon thread in order to insert it into the groove of the glass.
- for drilled frames: with a precision drill we drill the mounting holes and then we mount the branches and bridge with screwdriver, screw and nut with plastic chimneys.

- Verification : the assembly is finished, we iron the glasses on the focimeter in order to check the powers and the centering of the glasses.

- Repair : after mounting the frames are often a little deformed; it is a question of checking that the lenses are in the same plane, the temples and plates symmetrical, that the glasses close correctly.

- Cleaning : last operation to remove all fingerprints, marks on the glasses…

And here are your reading or resting glasses ready for delivery!