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Blue light blocking glasses: additional protection against artificial light

Blue light blocking glasses are the ideal protection for LED lighting; this ubiquitous lighting in our environment diffuses ray peaks of wavelength close to the color blue.

Good to know: the "traditional" artificial tungsten light mainly emitted red radiation.

How to recognize presbyopia?

Presbyopia, what is it? Presbyopia is a natural age-related phenomenon ; it is a change in near vision which gradually becomes blurred and wearing glasses to read is then essential....

The aging of the eye

The aging of the eye, a subject that concerns us all! Our tissues and organs age . Unfortunately, the eye does not escape this harsh reality. Today it is important to protect...

Correct presbyopia after 60

From the age of 40, reading a notice, a restaurant menu… becomes complicated! The accommodative power (or “autofocus” system) of the eye loses its efficiency and near vision becomes difficult. After the age of 55, the accommodative power of the eye decreases, which increasingly bothers presbyopia.