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On the way to the holidays

Summer holidays are coming and so are long car journeys… everyone wants to rest from the difficult past year! And the travel time, the many traffic jams are tiring and even dangerous. But a trip is being prepared, which is why every year many associations recommend that users do certain checks before departure.

World Sight Day

Every 2nd Thursday of October World Sight Day is celebrated! This day aims to raise awareness of the importance of prevention and vision improvement in the world . This event has existed for twenty years, its purpose is also to sound the alarm: in the world more than two billion people need glasses and 80% of visually impaired people could have healthy vision by having access to services. eye health.

The brain controls our vision, and makes us see anything!

The brain controls what we see since it is the optic nerve behind the eye which is linked to the brain which allows us to reconstruct the images we see....

Detecting vision problems at school

Detection of vision problems in children at school At least 30% of primary school failures are due to late detection of vision problems . This is why for several years...

To each face its pair of glasses

Find the right glasses for your face shape

Lots of frames catch your eye? Very big ones, very small ones but you don't know which one is made for you? We will try to give you advice so that you can find the frame that will enhance your face.

Les aliments bons pour votre vue !

Foods that are good for your eyesight!

Good food for good eyesight! We think of paying attention to what we eat to improve nail growth or to have shiny and healthy hair, but our eyes are often...

Stroke and vision

stroke and vision A stroke, stroke or stroke is caused by a blood clot causing the interruption of blood circulation in a larger or larger area of ​​the brain. Stroke...

Correct myopia

Myopia is a visual defect affecting the world's population . With the development of technologies, our lifestyles are changing and have direct consequences on our eyesight. It is scientifically proven that modern tools are linked to the early development and rapid progression of myopia. This is why vision professionals advise limiting screen use and regularly looking into the distance.

Understanding and Treating Corneal Trauma

corneal trauma the corneal trauma is one of the main reasons for consultations with ophthalmologists in the emergency room. Do-it-yourselfers and "Sunday" gardeners generally do not protect their eyes before working and are...

Visual protection at home

The good weather is back and we are taking advantage of the weekends in May to garden, clear brush, do some DIY…

Many traumas, shocks or eye injuries are counted each year and about 50% of them occur at home.

Be safe also at home:

For most of us, safety glasses or goggles rhyme with professional environment

Food and our vision

Good nutrition for good vision Eating well is essential to seeing well. Indeed, certain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals help us naturally to protect our vision from the irreversible effects...

PIXIUM VISION: restoring sight, restoring life

Pixium Vision, the Iris project comes to fruition A young French company, Pixium Vision has been bringing new perspectives to the visually impaired or blind for several years; indeed it...