For a timeless style, adopt CHLOÉ glasses

Chloé, a pioneering brand !

Chloé is a French brand created by Gaby Aghion in 1952 to dress modern and active women.

Chloé combines the requirements of haute couture with those of ready-to-wear. It is the precursor of luxury ready-to-wear. Her clothes are supple, Mediterranean-inspired with natural, fluid and refined colors. Beautiful silk, lace or chiffon fabrics are used for original models.

For Christmas, offer screen glasses

Christmas is fast approaching and it's the puzzle to find gifts. In recent years, the most requested gifts have been consoles, telephones, tablets and other digital devices, so to complete these beautiful presents, why not offer anti-blue light glasses for the screen ? Useful gifts for all, they are necessary to protect the eyes and vision of your loved ones while giving them a nice look!

For young players:

For the youngest children, with their Nintendo Switch console and games…a pair of Cool blue+ anti-blue light glasses without prescription . These glasses with innovative technology filter 100% of UV and harmful blue light thanks to a hi-tech material. They offer optimal protection without altering the colors and protect the eyes during long hours of play.

children's blue light protection glasses

For geeks, gamers... 18-40 years old:

For all screen users, with their new laptop, tablet or computer, a pair of anti-blue light rest glasses . These glasses are equipped with anti-fatigue lenses which not only relieve the accommodative effort of proximity but also protect against the blue light emitted by the various screens and LEDs. There is something for every budget! From 19.99€ in pantos or pilot form, you can also let yourself be tempted by Ray-ban, Tom Ford frames...

blue light filter bezel gamer geek gamer

For book readers, e-readers, "surfers"...:

Offer anti-blue light reading glasses with decreasing lenses for presbyopia after 40 years. These glasses offer comfort and clear vision from 30 cm to more than 1 m, near glasses perfect for lovers of reading on paper or computer, precision work...

anti blue light reading glasses

Complete your gifts with an accessory: cleaning spray, glasses holder, clip-on LED. ..

New York Yankees glasses

The New York Yankees baseball team is also a ready-to-wear brand. Major League Baseball, of which it is a part, has existed for 150 years. MLB is made up of 30 teams that each have their own brand.

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Some of these brands are global US fashion icons, with New York Yankees being the most famous. Strongly inspired by American culture, New York Yankees influence the world of fashion. Young people are very fond of New York Yankees items that are often worn by their favorite stars. The brand is available in many derivative products: caps, clothing, shoes, eyeglasses , sunglasses , and other accessories... World famous, it is very masculine, but nevertheless has a range of mixed products.

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New York Yankees glasses feature the logo symbolized by the initials NYY. Very subtle, they bring a final touch to the brand's glasses. It is this detail that makes the difference on their frames. Young people recognize themselves in the fashion side of New York Yankees glasses. Varionet offers New York Yankees frames in acetate or metal for everyone. They are available for the youngest (child or teenager) in anti-blue light glasses equipped with Cool Blue + lenses. They can also be adapted as needed as presbyopia glasses with decreasing lenses to improve near vision or as anti-fatigue and anti-blue light glasses with computer lenses for young people working in front of computers. The New York Yankees glasses are at very reduced prices and from 79 € frame and lenses!

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Gaming glasses

Whether you are a player with a console or on your PC, you must spend long hours staring at your screen(s)! This can be harmful not only for your vision capital but can also decrease your performance during video games.

anti-light glasses for gamers

This is why Varionet offers you anti-fatigue and anti-blue light gaming glasses , the Cool blue glasses .

Why gaming glasses?

For the past few years, all PC, TV and smartphone screens have been emitting harmful blue light in large quantities. It is called HEV: high visible energy. A long and large exposure to this light causes more or less serious effects:

  • A disruption of the biological clock with difficulty falling asleep
  • Concentration problems
  • eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • An increased risk of developing AMD

Young people spend on average between 6-8 hours a day in front of screens to play, watch movies... the eyes and the body are then confronted with a strong dose of artificial blue light.

Just as we wear sunglasses to protect us from UV rays and glare in good weather; it is necessary to wear anti-blue light glasses in front of the screens.

The effects of anti-blue light gaming glasses?

Cool Blue glasses are anti-fatigue and anti-blue light gaming glasses in effect:

  • they have a minimal universal correction which relieves the effort naturally made by the eye in proximity vision, hence their name anti-fatigue glasses.
  • they are equipped with an anti-reflective treatment which reduces glare.
  • they have a blue light filter that absorbs UV and harmful blue light.

With its anti-blue light glasses, the sensations of sand, dry eyes, headaches, visual fatigue…. will decrease and you will regain comfort and efficiency when playing your favorite video games.

So you can play, work in peace!