Hugo Boss, des lunettes devenues iconiques

Hugo Boss, marque synonyme de design, qualité

Un peu d'histoire :

Hugo Ferdinand Boss, né en 1885, a fondé sa société, un atelier de confection en 1924 au sud de Stuttgart en Allemagne.

Les lunettes Hugo Boss :
La collection de lunettes optique ou solaire Boss pour hommes et femmes est audacieuse, moderne et de la plus haute qualité. Les montures de lunettes Hugo Boss représentent le style masculin avec un savoir-faire précis.

Arrow, the glasses of the famous American brand

Arrow is an American ready-to-wear brand created in 1851 . Renowned for its innovative collar shirts, this American brand, a pioneer in the world of fashion, was for a long time the brand of American businessmen. It still represents today the image of the distinguished man in all circumstances.

3 reasons to adopt CLIC Tube glasses

In this article, you will find three good reasons to adopt the CLIC Tube reading glasses . CLIC Tube reading glasses are glasses that attach and detach at the bridge using a magnet and connected at the temples by a cable, the "Tube", which can be extended as desired . This allows you to quickly put them on and take them off, while keeping them around your neck.

CliC magnetic reading glasses

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Thanks to CliC magnetic glasses, keep them around your neck to always have them at hand .

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Take advantage of the French Days and exceptional offers

As for a few seasons we have the French Days! They were normally scheduled from April 28, 2021 to May 4, 2021 7 a.m. Finally, these dates have been modified like last year and they will take place from Thursday May 27 from 7am for 6 days. The French Days will end on Wednesday, June 2 at 7 a.m.!

Reading problems? What if it was presbyopia?

Presbyopia, what is it?

As we age, we all experience annoying changes in our vision:

  • it becomes more difficult to concentrate
  • it is more and more difficult to see clearly on close objects .

5 reasons to offer proximity glasses for Grandmother's Day

Sunday March 7 will be Grandmothers Day! This somewhat special year, they deserve to be celebrated more than ever. Maybe you will have the chance to visit him to give him a small gift. Short of ideas? Why not give him a nice pair of reading glasses? We are going to give you 5 good reasons to offer proximity glasses to your favorite grandmother.

5 tips to stay trendy with computer glasses

Wearing glasses no longer means being old-fashioned, on the contrary.

Today many people wear glasses without correction to look older during a job interview, for example, or simply to have style.

Indeed, eyeglasses are now a real fashion accessory and many looks around glasses are available on the web, follow our advice to stay trendy with your glasses!

Pantone trend color of the year 2020

Le 5 décembre dernier, la référence mondiale de la colorimétrie PANTONE a annoncé sous un post Instagram la couleur tendance de l'année 2020.

Le Classic Blue, la nouvelle couleur tendance de 2020 

Après la Living Coral en 2019, le Classic Blue est la couleur de l’année 2020. Cette couleur bleue nuit est déjà très plébiscitée sur les réseaux sociaux et les magazines d’intérieurs. La couleur est la suivante : Pantone 19-4052. 

CliC magnetic glasses are in stock!

Si vous ne savez pas encore ce que sont les lunettes CliC...

Les lunettes CliC ont une connexion magnétique sur le nez, un cordon semi-rigide et des branches réglables. La marque a obtenu plusieurs brevets concernant son système de fermeture magnétique, le tour de tête, le système de cordon extensible... Grande nouveauté chez CliC : on peut désormais régler le cordon semi-rigide pour l'adapter parfaitement à votre tour de tête.

How to recognize presbyopia?

Presbyopia, what is it?

Presbyopia is a natural age-related phenomenon ; it is a change in near vision which gradually becomes blurred and wearing glasses to read is then essential. It appears around 40 years, increases until 60-65 years to stabilize. The term “presbyopic” appears around 1690 and comes from the ancient Greek “presbutês” meaning “old”!

presbyopia glasses

What are the symptoms of presbyopia?

These signs are numerous and happen without even realizing it. One of the first symptoms will be asthenopia or more commonly all the manifestations linked to the fatigue of the ciliary and oculomotor muscles ; you feel a feeling of fatigue such as eye discomfort, tingling, headache, fixing his attention becomes more and more difficult.

These genes are all the more important when the light is low, we approach the windows, we seek the best angle to be able to read. The most characteristic sign of presbyopia is pulling a document away to read it, the symptom of “arms that are too short”.

Putting on make-up, sewing, tinkering, reading, all activities requiring near vision are becoming more and more laborious, even impossible.

How presbyopia works

Presbyopia is due to the natural decrease with age of the ability to accommodate the lens when reading . 

To see up close, crystalline , transparent lens inside the eye, bulges quickly under the action of the ciliary muscle, it thus increases its power of refraction, to form a sharp image whatever the distance on the retina: it is the 'accommodation.

This accommodation is therefore a very rapid movement of the lens and can be compared to the focusing of autofocus devices.

 The value of accommodation varies with age: very important in children (12-14 diopters at 10 years old) it is at its maximum around 20 years old (10 diopters) then begins to drop: 6 diopters around 37 years old, 4 diopters at 45 years old to reach 1 diopter around 60-70 years old.

Inevitably, the lens ages with age and loses its elasticity, it hardens. The action of the ciliary muscle on this more rigid lens becomes difficult, the accommodative power of the eye decreases.

Focusing for near vision is no longer done correctly.

In the presbyopic, the accommodative power of the lens decreasing , the image of a close object is no longer on the retina but behind it . The net reading distance increases; we move the text away but the size of the characters limits this distance! Vision at the usual reading distance becomes blurred.

How is presbyopia corrected?

To compensate for this lack of accommodation, near vision must be optically corrected with reading glasses equipped with convex lenses, of positive power, it produces a magnifying effect ; then the image will form again on the retina. Presbyopia is measured in diopters from 0.25 to 0.25 from +0.75 to +3.50.

This correction is determined according to your working distance and your age.

To this defect of near vision, can be added visual defects of distance vision such as myopia, astigmatism or hypermetropia. Then on your prescription appear 2 corrections: that of vision from afar and that of near often noted in the form of an addition.

The correction of presbyopia evolves approximately every 2-3 years; you will then have to take the opportunity to consult an ophthalmologist who will not only check your visual needs and can also detect any other visual condition, glaucoma, AMD, conjunctivitis…

The mystery of colors: origin, symbolism and trend

Les couleurs sont partout et il existe une infinité de nuances. Quel est ce phénomène ? Que représentent-elles ?

Qu'est-ce que la couleur et comment la voit-t'on ?

La lumière est une onde électromagnétique (comme une onde radio) et "sa couleur" dépend de sa longueur d'onde.

Sa taille lui donne sa "couleur": quand les longueurs d'ondes sont courtes - vers 380 nm - nous les percevons comme du bleu-violet et...