Lanvin, the oldest French fashion house

Lanvin is a French fashion house created in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin . It remains today the oldest in activity . Lanvin also makes haute couture accessories, including glasses .
The origins of the brand
The success story of this brand is amazing. Jeanne Lanvin sews children's clothes for her daughter . The children's mothers attending the same school as her daughter and enjoyed the creations. One after the other they order.


The "Customania" madness

At the beginning of the 1980s, two brothers, two Catalan stylists passionate about fashion decided to open their first store specializing in men's shirts: "Custo". Born in Barcelona and inspired by Californian fashion and the many travels of designers, the brand is now known and recognized throughout the 4 corners of the world.

Funky and originality, the key words of the Custo brand

Competed today by a “funky” fashion giant: Desigual (which is also a Spanish brand), Custo Barcelona remains a looter of “original” fashion throughout the world and especially in Spain. Today, 35 years after their debut, the Custo Barcelona brand remains on the front of the stage with creations that are still exceptional!

On the website we offer you a collection of glasses made up of numerous Custo Barcelona men's and women's models. This selection offers fashionable, original, colorful, classic glasses, of various materials and these are ideal for reading glasses for presbyopic people aged 45 and over. However, they can also be equipped with anti-blue light lenses for people with no visual defects or wearing contact lenses.

Custo glasses

Custo glasses are original models, which do not look like other brands. Most are made from acetate , a plastic material that has been used since 1865, they are of high quality and robustness. Acetate is a material obtained from extracts of cotton or tree pulp, it is a natural polymer.

Other models are available in metal, a material that is also of high quality, very light and above all very discreet, it is ideal for young presbyopes who are not used to wearing reading glasses or computer glasses.

Oakley opens its first store in Milan

Oakley store Milano

The first Oakley store in Italy opened in Piazzale Cadorna, Milan . It is a mono-brand store , very high-tech and highlighting Oakley 's offer, from glasses to clothing , including more technological items, such as " Radar Pace ", smart glasses equipped with headphones, sensors and microphones. These have the particularity of coaching you in real time , thanks to its sensors and the integrated microphone.

Optical fair Hong Kong

Optical fair Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Optical Fair is a globally recognized trade show for retailers, manufacturers and professionals in the ophthalmic optical industry. Show renowned for its innovations, quality and efficiency, new products such as the latest technologies in traditional or 3D eyeglasses and contact lenses as well as store furniture and accessories are presented there. This took place over three days, from Wednesday November 9 to Friday November 11, 2016.

Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is the world's third largest exporter of sunglasses and optical frames behind Italy and China. As the main trading platform for this industry in Asia, the HKTDC's Hong Kong Optical Fair is an important barometer of the health of the sector globally.

Over the years we have noticed that the rate of exhibitors and optical professionals continues to increase . This show is therefore a real success and allows many professionals to discuss and do business. In full swing, this event welcomes more and more French companies including Minima or Opal.

The essentials of the 2016 show: “ Reading glasses ” and “ Blue light blocking glasses

The Reading Glasses or reading glasses in French have become essential . Today, in addition to their health aspect, which is to improve near vision when reading while providing real visual comfort , they are available as fashion items and are worn by more and more people, including many stars.

Just like reading glasses, " Blue light blocking glasses " or blue light glasses are essential for modern life; especially in Asia where blue light is omnipresent and creates a public health problem with the epidemic of myopia.

Large spaces are dedicated to these 2 technologies at this show with specific glassmakers such as the Japanese, Tokaï.

Added to this were the latest fashionable glasses, high-tech novelties with recent innovations in augmented reality glasses and many other professional materials...

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