Discover the two key models of the Ray-Ban brand

The famous Ray-Ban brand was created by Bausch & Lomb, an American company.

The first model of RB, "Aviator" was requested by John A. Macready, American Lieutenant. Indeed, he asked Bausch & Lomb opticians to manufacture a pair of "panoramic and enveloping protective" sunglasses with ultraviolet and infrared filtering glass in order to regain optimal comfort when exposed to the sun.

US Air Force ordered this model in 1933 for its fighter pilots, marketing to the general public will take place 3 years later, in 1936.

April 20, 2022


The famous brand is 85 years old! However, launched in 1937 by the American company Bausch & Lomb, the Ray-Ba n brand still has a long way to go. Whether in sunglasses or eyeglasses , Ray-Ban glasses have won over many, young and old alike: it's an intergenerational brand!

Ray-ban or the madness of an intergenerational brand

The Ray-Ban brand was created in 1937 by a German eyewear manufacturer Bausch & Lomb.

Lieutenant John MacCready asked these opticians emigrated to the United States to set up glasses that would allow panoramic protection, this is where the famous G15 lens was born.

Today, almost 80 years after the first Aviator model was marketed, it is still in vogue and has been revisited by the company Luxottica, owner of Ray-Ban since 1999.
This brand is still at the top of sales in optical shops today.

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Young students or working people looking for visual comfort

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Presbyopic and connected, find a pleasant vision

Almost all presbyopes are “connected”! A great change in habits which today means that the over 40s remain young and “up to date”. However, no one is spared from the dangers and harmful effects of blue light. It is therefore important and necessary to protect yourself at any age against screens (let's not forget that the most important and irreversible risk of blue light is AMD, loss of central vision).

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Reading glasses and degressive glasses

Reading glasses and presbyopic glasses Varionet

5 tips to stay trendy with computer glasses

Wearing glasses no longer means being old-fashioned, on the contrary.

Today many people wear glasses without correction to look older during a job interview, for example, or simply to have style.

Indeed, eyeglasses are now a real fashion accessory and many looks around glasses are available on the web, follow our advice to stay trendy with your glasses!

Ray-ban glasses, an iconic and essential brand

The Ray-Ban eyewear brand was created in the USA by two German immigrants John Bausch and Henry Lomb in 1936.

After a hot-air balloon flight, the aviator John Mac Cready dazzled by the sun, asked these opticians to make covering sunglasses to preserve vision and offer panoramic vision, this is how the famous Aviator sunglasses were born. equipped with G15 solar glass in a grey-green tint.

The story of Ray-Ban glasses

The legendary Ray-Ban glasses: a bit of history...

Ray-Ban is an eyewear brand created in 1937 by the American company Bausch & Lomb. At the request of an airman, Lieutenant Macready, of the "protective, panoramic and enveloping" aviator glasses equipped with the amazing solar glass G15 have been developed. After creating the model Airman », commissioned by the US Air Force in 1936, Ray-Ban glasses were immediately adopted by the US Army.

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Ray-Ban, the must-have summer sunglasses

Ray Ban glasses

The history of the famous Ray-Ban glasses

The Ray-Ban brand was created in 1937 by a German eyewear manufacturer Bausch & Lomb.

Its origin is due to the renowned American pilot lieutenant John Macready who asked his optician to make a pair of "panoramic and enveloping protective" sunglasses with glass filtering ultraviolet and infrared rays in order to find optimal comfort when he is exposed to the sun . The optician then put in place glasses that would allow panoramic protection, this is where the famous G15 lens was born.

Ray-Ban pilot glasses

American lieutenant and pilot John Macready wearing the Ray-Ban Aviator

Subsequently, the US Air Force ordered this pair of glasses for its fighter pilots , and marketing to the general public will take place 3 years later.

Immediately adopted by many stars, in the following years the Ray-Ban glasses knew how to make a place for themselves and become the must-have glasses , unbeatable all over the world , thanks to their so recognizable frame .

Today, almost 80 years after the first Aviator model was marketed , it is still in vogue and has been revisited by the company Luxottica, owner of Ray-Ban since 1999.

This brand is still at the top of sales in optical shops today.

Two Ray-Ban models

Ray-Ban Aviator

This is the first Ray-Ban model created. It is the glasses that launched the fashion for the aviator type glasses. Notably known for being Michael Jackson's favorite glasses, it is one of the best-selling sunglasses among young people and one of the most popular in the world .

Ray Ban Aviator glasses

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Appeared after the first model, this pair of glasses is imposed as the glasses of the Rocks Stars . Thanks to its timeless shape, the quality of its materials (frame, lenses) and its relatively reasonable price, Ray-Ban stands out as the best seller of sunglasses.

ray ban wayfarer glasses

Often imitated, never equaled

Ray-Ban glasses are so iconic that many retailers have tried to copy it. So how do you recognize an authentic pair of Ray-Bans?

Tips for recognizing the Ray-Ban Aviator

  • The mention "Ray-Ban" in white must be written on the lens at the top left
  • Check that the letters "R" and "B" are capitalized
  • On the left branch you must find the reference (ex: RB3025)

Authentic Ray-Bans on Varionet

Once you have chosen your frame, you can opt for eyeglasses , reading glasses or computer glasses and even sunglasses . What is certain is that you will not regret your choice, because Ray-Ban is the absolute must have in glasses .

ray ban glasses ray ban glasses

The mystery of colors: origin, symbolism and trend

rainbow color

Colors are everywhere and there are endless shades. What is this phenomenon? What do they represent?

What is color and how do we see it?

Light is an electromagnetic wave (like a radio wave) and "its color" depends on its wavelength.

Its size gives it its "color": when the wavelengths are short - around 380 nm - we perceive them as blue-violet and when they are longer - around 700 nm - we perceive them as red. The set of visible waves is called the spectrum of visible light . There are waves that are too long or too short to be seen, such as ultraviolet. We get a spectrum of sunlight if we pass it through water droplets. This creates a rainbow where we perceive all the colors below.

color spectrum seen by the eye

The eye is a complex organ, which has evolved over the centuries. It is he who allows us to see the world in color and to perceive thousands of nuances. We visualize colors through the cones in our eyes . These cones only perceive red, blue and green. It is by mixing these three colors that the brain is able to "manufacture", to reconstitute, and therefore to perceive all the "other" colors.

That's why we invented an RGB color model . Thus, the screens have Red-Green-Blue or RGB pixels . They approximate the functioning of the human eye thanks to three types of pixels.

In 1930, the International Lighting Company discovered that human beings with the finest visual acuity are able to distinguish up to 200 shades per color!

What do the colors say about you?

Colors have a strong power of mental association. In the unconscious and the collective imagination, colors awaken emotions. They have symbolism. Here are a few:
  • Blue: serenity, calm and inspiration
  • Red: passion, energy and danger
  • Yellow: cheerful, optimistic, stimulating
  • Orange: lively, voluble and relaxed
  • Green: nature, freshness and renewal
  • Violet: ambitious, sophisticated and mysterious
  • Black: iconic, timeless and elegant
  • White: minimalist, purity and delicacy
  • Gray: seriousness, strength and longevity
  • Brown: honest, natural and refined
  • Rose: subtle, delicious and enterprising

And you, which color best represents you?

trendy colors

Each year has an official color. Since the year 2000, Pantone , a color chart company, has determined the color of the year with the aim of inspiring creative and fashion circles.

In 2019, the color elected by Pantone is the color of happiness : it is Living Coral, a very subtle orange-pink coral .

pantone coral trend color

Coral can be associated with dark red tones such as deep purple, mauve, plum or eggplant. The set used to bring out the coral color. Other color combinations are possible, such as with pink, red, yellow and orange. These associations are a little more risky, but the result may be the most beautiful effect.

The trends for next year , 2020 , will continue on this path with natural colors , pastels for a soft and lively rendering: olive greens, very pure blues, shades of beige and earth tones. The browns evolve, between natural terracottas and urban brown, matte or futuristic metallic.

The trendy color on the tip of the nose

On you can find a wide choice of very trendy reading or sunglasses colors to match with a coral outfit...

The trend to wear for glasses are original or metallic colors, the game of transparency or even the return of Vintage shapes. Here is a selection just for you!

trendy toc's glasses 2020

trendy ray-ban sunglasses

Blue light blocking glasses for going out

Blue light blocking glasses hit the streets

For Christmas, offer screen glasses

Christmas is fast approaching and it's the puzzle to find gifts. In recent years, the most requested gifts have been consoles, telephones, tablets and other digital devices, so to complete these beautiful presents, why not offer anti-blue light glasses for the screen ? Useful gifts for all, they are necessary to protect the eyes and vision of your loved ones while giving them a nice look!

For young players:

For the youngest children, with their Nintendo Switch console and games…a pair of Cool blue+ anti-blue light glasses without prescription . These glasses with innovative technology filter 100% of UV and harmful blue light thanks to a hi-tech material. They offer optimal protection without altering the colors and protect the eyes during long hours of play.

children's blue light protection glasses

For geeks, gamers... 18-40 years old:

For all screen users, with their new laptop, tablet or computer, a pair of anti-blue light rest glasses . These glasses are equipped with anti-fatigue lenses which not only relieve the accommodative effort of proximity but also protect against the blue light emitted by the various screens and LEDs. There is something for every budget! From 19.99€ in pantos or pilot form, you can also let yourself be tempted by Ray-ban, Tom Ford frames...

blue light filter bezel gamer geek gamer

For book readers, e-readers, "surfers"...:

Offer anti-blue light reading glasses with decreasing lenses for presbyopia after 40 years. These glasses offer comfort and clear vision from 30 cm to more than 1 m, near glasses perfect for lovers of reading on paper or computer, precision work...

anti blue light reading glasses

Complete your gifts with an accessory: cleaning spray, glasses holder, clip-on LED. ..