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Progressive glasses or mid-distance glasses: which to choose?

You wear progressive glasses ; and these bring you little comfort for local activities? Have you been wearing them for a while and can't get used to them? Or you would need some but you don't really want it because you are a young presbyopic?!

An answer to these questions: mid distance glasses !

Varionet opticians have developed mid-distance glasses equipped with new technology lenses , lenses that help you find not only a clear and sharp near vision BUT also a perfect proximity vision !

3 reasons to adopt CLIC Tube glasses

In this article, you will find three good reasons to adopt the CLIC Tube reading glasses . CLIC Tube reading glasses are glasses that attach and detach at the bridge using a magnet and connected at the temples by a cable, the "Tube", which can be extended as desired . This allows you to quickly put them on and take them off, while keeping them around your neck.

CliC magnetic reading glasses

Tired of looking for your reading glasses?

You lose, you misplace your reading glasses ? Do you sit on it? Did you forget them in your car?

Thanks to CliC magnetic glasses, keep them around your neck to always have them at hand .

Putting them on is very simple: with their super- powerful magnet to neodymium* they simply clip on your nose...

Reading problems? What if it was presbyopia?

Presbyopia, what is it?

As we age, we all experience annoying changes in our vision:

  • it becomes more difficult to concentrate
  • it is more and more difficult to see clearly on close objects .

How do I know if I need reading glasses

Reading becomes difficult, you think you need reading glasses, you just become presbyopic . Rest assured you are not alone! 1 in 4 people and in your case. What is...

How to recognize presbyopia?

Presbyopia, what is it? Presbyopia is a natural age-related phenomenon ; it is a change in near vision which gradually becomes blurred and wearing glasses to read is then essential....

Why blue light blocking glasses for computer work?

2019, A year without blue light! Cool Blue anti-blue light glasses for 100% protection Every day in France and whatever the age, almost 70% of us spend at least 7...

Pay attention to your sleep!

In the evening, opt for a book rather than a tablet or e-reader Today more than 3-4 households out of 10 are equipped with a touch tablet, these devices give off a artificial...

Anti-blue light treatment: COOL BLUE

A few words about blue light Every day, we spend more time in front of various digital tools: at work on PCs, in the metro and transport with our phones...


The "Customania" madness At the beginning of the 1980s, two brothers, two Catalan stylists passionate about fashion decided to open their first store specializing in men's shirts: "Custo". Born in...

Electronic glasses

Electronic glasses for presbyopia New lenses are revolutionizing the world of optics and give hope of visual comfort to all presbyopes . This is an electronic lens that can replace...

1.4 billion more presbyopes in 2030

The proportion of seniors should experience a considerable increase by 2030 with longer lifespans and scientific innovations.
This will lead to a sharp increase in the number of people suffering from presbyopia in the world. Presbyopia is a vision disorder that appears between the ages of 45 and 50 and which causes blurred near vision, the “arms too short” syndrome.