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La Journée mondiale de la sécurité et de la santé au travail

Chaque 28 avril a lieu La Journée mondiale de la sécurité et de la santé au travail. Cette journée est reconnue par l'Organisation internationale du travail (OIT), elle a pour but de promouvoir la prévention des accidents du travail et des maladies professionnelles.

Cette journée rend non seulement hommage aux victimes des accidents du travail et diverses maladies professionnelles mais elle est aussi l'occasion pour les entreprises, les syndicats, les gouvernements et les organismes de prévention de sensibiliser les employeurs et les salariés sur l'importance de la sécurité et de la santé au travail.

Protect yourself from eye allergies!

Spring is coming and with it beautiful flowers! these make the eyes happy for some but for others they are synonymous with eye irritation, dryness or allergies.

  • What is an eye allergy?

eye allergy is a abnormal reaction happening at eye level. When in contact with an often foreign substance.

Don't forget Cyber ​​Monday!

Cyber ​​Monday: what is it? A little history...

Monday November 27, 2023 will be Cyber ​​Monday ! However, today is Black Friday! But what is the difference?

This term only appeared in 2005, it is the Monday which follows Thanksgiving and the Black Friday . Unlike Black Friday where purchases can be made in physical stores as well as online, 

The big comeback of Black Friday

Black Friday: when to buy the best blue light blocking glasses

THE Black-Friday where the Black Friday , this custom that comes to us from the Americas makes its big comeback at the end of November as every year. This year, this day of exceptional promotions will take place on Friday November 25 and will last until Sunday December 27, 2022 inclusive.

Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday?

Black Friday or “black Friday” has become a day that has become essential for trade around the world, both in terms of sales volume and preparation for Christmas. Stores and websites offer considerable promotions on certain products. This date like “cyber Monday” are traditions that come to us from the Americas.

Buy prescription safety glasses

Why eye protection glasses?

For many activities, it is advisable to wear protective glasses: pruning, sanding, painting, welding... people without visual problems put on eye protectors without corrections easily. On the other hand, the others, generally, keep their glasses and damage them! Hence the interest of premounted safety glasses for presbyopia in near vision where the prescription safety glasses Varionet.

Everything you need to know about prescription eye protection glasses

Why wear protective glasses?

To protect your vision and your eyes effectively, the best thing is to wear protective glasses in view or without correction . Whether it's working, tinkering, gardening, painting... each year a large number of people suffer from eye injuries and fill the emergency services. These injuries are more or less serious, they can range from simple conjunctivitis to eye trauma leading to loss of visual acuity or even blindness.

Eye protection glasses for healthcare professionals

Health professionals are in almost permanent contact with sick people suffering from various pathologies and thus become the population most exposed to viruses, bacteria, etc.

What do the markings on my goggles mean?

All the safety glasses sold by Varionet respond to different personal protection safety standards: prescription safety glasses, vision protection glasses for presbyopia or non-corrective protection glasses.

EN 166 standard? What is this?

To work in complete safety, choose VARIONET SAFETY PRO

VARIONET SAFETY PRO PROTECTIVE GLASSES FOR PRESBYOPTICS OVER 45 After 40 years the near vision becomes difficult or even impossible under certain conditions. it is a natural phenomenon to be taken into...

New year, new glasses?

Varionet: a site for glasses that we love. Some would welcome the change, not me. I bought them on the Varionet site, I liked them. I had had three pairs....

Eye care and protection

To preserve your visual health Sight is important and none of us want to lose it! Yet we don't take the necessary steps to take care of our eyes, prevent...